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Ep 48: The Flatwoods Monster

Welcome back to the Don't touch my Sasquatch podcast. We're your host. I am Josh. handsome fella is

I continue to be Lennon.

I changed a little bit didn't warn you 

Didn't expect it. 

We explore controversial topics with energy and a good laugh were two guys to have a love and passion for these topics, things that you may have heard of, but may not know the full stories of yet. We're here to tell you those stories. give you our opinions and let you come to your own conclusions. We will do the research me and this guy over here handsome fella. That way you don't have to always keep your mind open to the possibility that things just may not be as they appear. Well, in today's episode, we talk about one of West Virginia's most popular legends second only to the Mothman of Point Pleasant. On one fateful night in 1952, seven kids one adult and one heroic old pupper dog allegedly ran into a crashed UFO and it's alien pilot. What transpired was that of hysteria, faklemptness and mystery. What happened that fateful night in West Virginia, and what truly was the cause of this sighting? Well sit back, relax, and don't sniff that Toxic Mist as we dive into the Flatwoods Monster. Monster.

Oh, it's all duct up. There it is

There he or she is can't really tell what that is. Yeah, it's kind of like a jack pumpkin.

It's a jack pumpkin.

Sorry. Skelton Jack face. They're from my nightmare before Christmas. 

Jack Pumpkin

Yeah. Yeah. What's going on with that thing?

Yeah, it's a little spindly arms on it, but we'll get into that. 

Ace of Spades. 

Oh, yes. Flatwoods Monster. It's pretty dope.

I know. I was really enjoying the research on this one. How about you?

I very much. Also thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yeah, I mean, I enjoy most episodes we do but this one. I don't know why but I really enjoyed it.

Alright. I believe you

No, I'm trying to convince myself okay.

Yeah, flatwoods monster I guess we'll just get right in her

We could,well I don't want to do that. I mean, it's kind of repti, oh, al for you, buddy.



Okay. Well, we're going to talk about 

The flalwoods monster. 

Yeah, the flatwood monster. No ,we're gonna talk about just the general we start out just to set the scene a little bit of what the United States was like during this time. Well, in the later half of the 1940s through the 1950s, the US was in a state of saucer mania, after the 1947 sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold. For more on him, listen to any one of our previous episodes 

To do with UFOs literally, any of them. 

I think we talked about every one. Same with the saucer mania. We talked about that heavily on many UFO episodes have?

We have, or the Roswell one where you hear all the incidents. 

Roswell incident of 1947 Both of those 

47 I thought it was 48? Kidding

Both of them happened in 47. I know you are. But I'm saying that. That's pretty cool. I kind of forgot about that. So I was writing this. I'm like, oh, yeah, that was the same. 

It was a couple months apart. 

Yes, it was. Well congruently during this time? 

Big words.

Congruently, yeah it's a big one. Congruently tensions with the USSR were starting to spike after the metaphorical Genie was lt out that was the nuclear bomb. 

So it's time to put everyone's attention over here. Nothing's happening over there. Nothing's happening over there. Look over here. There's UFOs what's happening?

I don't know. Who did it. All in all, the US citizens attention was directed toward the sky during this time. Whether technology was on the rise. That's not what I meant to say. Technology was on the rise. New Horizons were seen through the spyglass and with them brought uncertain futures,

Very uncertain, but it was certain that it was uncertain.

Only thing certain in life is death and


There you go.

Yeah, fucking taxes! That's a big one this year. Small business tax went up. Not small Business just business tax went up

Yeah, I guess yeah. Go fuck yourself. 

That's what I did. Pockets a little lighter. 

Whether it was the constant reminder from the media through the movies or through the news about the rising tensions, but either way it gripped the country this thinking, direction towards the sky because they were doing a bunch of like obviously they had like the air raid drill, not air raid. Nucleur... 

(Air raid siren sound)

Jesus, you know, you're fucking sound effects

Son of a bitch, your face killed me. 

Your sound effects, just the talent you possess

Just call me that guy from police academy 

Michael Winslow. 

Thank you. I forgot his name already.

Well, during this time, their attention was directed toward the sky because of all the movies of the science fiction type movies and stuff that they're going on during this time. Which by the way, I fucking love old like 50 science fiction movie posters. 

Yeah, so believable. 

They're cool. The posters are cool. 

The posters are cool, yes 

You know what I'm saying?Ear itch time. Oh, yeah.

Absolutely, I would direct the attention over here with a siren, but you would get shocked face and I couldn't finish. That's what she said. Oh

Yeah, so UFO sightings spike during this time. And many of these encounters we still talk about to this day and become one of the most some of the more famous ones Roswell, Kenneth Arnold, flatwoods monster

Some we don't talk about we need to shed some light on

Yeah, we'll, future episodes. But this is merely the backdrop of the country smack in the middle of the saucer mania flat. This is the mindset the residents of flat was West Virginia lived in during the late summer of 1952

When Columbus sailed the ocean blue

On a throne of lies. On this, well one, nope

Whoa what happened? Malfunction with Lennon, word just started spitting out.

On September 12, of 1952 a spectacle was witnessed that would capture the minds and attention of the folks of flatwoods West Virginia,

Marilyn Monroe's panties.

Ah, I think younger than, that's probably not appropriate.

Oh, I'm in the wrong time aren't I?

Yeah the 60s. On this particular. 

Fuck, my bad. Sorry, sorry. 

On this particular day, around 7:15pm, a group of residents witnessed an incredible being that shook them in the town to its core to this day.

That's only me.

It all started when 

I went streaking. 

Look at my spindly hands. It all started with brothers Ed and Freddie Mae age 13 and 12 accompanied by their friends, Tommy hire 10 And Neil nunley no age given

Neil nunley, God damn that's a badass name.

That's a dope name, Neil Lindley. Noticed a pulsing red object dart across the sky above them before watching it crash or land on a nearby Fisher farm. Fisher was the residents named, not a fishery. 

By the nearby Fisher farm

There we go. Words 

Not an. Sorry, I'm yelling a lot right now. 

Hey, it's all good. 

Got excited after the siren, never recovered. 

The boys are called the object to have been the size of a small house they said the boy's filled with excitement as to what it could be or what the crash site looked like. Ran to the main brothers mom's house.

Hey, I didn't mean to interrupt you, but I'd be excited to if you saw if you thought you saw meteor. 

Fuck yeah. 

You can sell those things for a shit ton of money. 

Fuck yeah, they got lots of 

I don't know if that's what they were thinking at the time, but hey.

They got lots of precious metals and minerals and elements.

I love our new table, but I just caught my finger on this little handle right here.

Yeah, there's a handle there.

I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah.

Don't swing it.

I didn't mean to sorry.

It's okay. I don't know what I was saying

Ran to miss Mays house. 

Yeah. So they ran to the Mays house which was nearby.

Willie Mays Hayes. Willie Hayes Mays, I think that's what it was. 

There's a lot of names you're thrown at me that I don't know what you're saying. 

That's a baseball player

I like your funny words magic man.

God damn right. Like you're funny words Magic Man.

There it is. So they ran to the mom's house. She was single mom. So 

(bing) I don't know why I did that. sorry. 

You let the intrusive thoughts win. 

It sounds like a gong 

They get a weird doorbell

You rang? 

So the mom's name is Kathleen 

Just keep everything away from me right now. 

So the mom's name is Kathleen. She was a single mother. She was apparently a badass by all accounts. Yeah, she grew up in the town and lived there all her life

That made her a bad ass, terrible town. Not a terrible town, sorry

They lived on, their house was on top of a hill. They were playing at the playground down the street. So they made it there at the maze house was their cousin, 17 year old National Guardsmen, Eugene Lemon.

Eugene makes his appearance. 

Eugene's here, 

Patreon if you don't know. It was a Patreon episode. 

It was? 

No, ha lies. Sasquatch episode

Sasquatch abduction. I was gonna say that.

Oh, the allergies got me like

The wheezing. After filling them in on the matter, the boys sprinted their way to the top of the hill with Eugene, Kathleen and Eugene's dog, Richie in toe. To get a better vantage point to see the wreckage and pinpoint its location. 

That's right. 

Appearing from atop the hill set on finding the source of the spectacle. The group now consisting of Freddy and Ed May, Tommy hire, Neil nunley, Teddy Neil, Eugene Lemon, Kathleen May,  and Richie the detective dog spotted the rough area of the crash and

Gruff McGruffin' spotted the rough area. 

There's a lot of rrrs there.

He's on the case. 

Spotted the area and headed in that direction to investigate. As they approach the area of the farm where the wreck occurred, they noticed protruding from the side of a hill at the edge of the farm the object now glowing orange and sticking out of it. 

A carrot. 

It's a carrot craft. Actually. It's more like an egg, which I'll talk about later. I think from the total the total distance between the top of the hill that that may house to the base of this hill where the wreck had occured, where they fully sighted the wreck I think that was like a half mile it said

Gotcha. That's far but not too far. 

Yeah. So it's probably around 7:30 This time, so it starts to get dark. So as they approached the area of the farm where the wreck occurred, they noticed it protruding from the side. So they're headed towards it through the trail that took them in the direction about a half mile from May house. I said, Armed with flashlights, they trudged onwards through the brush, with Eugene and Kathleen at the helm of the group. Approaching, off the trail that brought them to the Hill. It got very convoluted during this part, because, as we talked about before, there's multiple different accounts and but they all kind of have the same direction, but they all kind of weave a little bit. So they took 

The main parts of the stories are exactly the same. Yeah, 

It's just little details 

How we get there. 

Yes. From the, we know that from the top of the hill, they took a trail that brought them to the base of the hill on the Fisher farm. And at the base of the hill to get to the craft was all wooded and so they had to trudge their way through and make their own trail

And gruff off the dog. What did you call them Ricky? 



Richie, the detective dog 

Richie the detective dog. Went sniffing ahead, 

Yeah, well, we'll get to that. So once they reached the base of the hill, they took

Yeah, I got to stop saying yeah. It's like an ingrained in me now. I can't stop it.

Once they reached the base of the hill, they took a moment to assess the situation. 


The group would now have to walk.

I'm really not doing that purpose. I swear,

Oh man, the group would now have to walk through the wooded brush area to reach the site. Eugene and Kathleen blaze the trail onward ahead of everybody.

Yeah, they had their machetes and Chi ching, ching ching. Not really, not at all actually. It was a clean trail.

It was sort of 

Maybe, who knows. 

Who knows. By the time they were around 50 foot from the site that they estimated they encountered a thick hazy mist in the area that reportedly burned their eyes and noses. It was at this point that Richie the detective dog decided to run into the mist toward the object barking and screaming the Miranda rights, which were not yet put in place.

Right. Well, he's, he was ahead of the game. 

He's just way ahead of the game. He's like, I'm here for citizens rights. But a few seconds later, he returned with his tail between his legs. He said, Fuck that shit. Not for me. You guys got this one. BACK UP.

Well, the dog didn't like it. Let's go.

Yeah. I said Yeah. 


Well, nope. So he came back. When they were able to get a glimpse of the object. They said it was shaped like an egg and it was buried nose first into the side of the hill. Richie was really hoping to get that DWI conviction. 

Absolutely. That's why you tagged along. Even after running away 

He's like I got this guy. 

I got my courage back. 

This will give me a promotion.

Soon I'll be captain Richie.

Captain Richie. I did the thing we do where I just repeat the joke. 

It's okay. We both do that. 

It was around this time that they heard strange noises emitting from the egg craft...

(Makes strange noises)

as they got closer. Oh man, they heard the strange noises. As they were looking at the object they suddenly heard, a nose, they heard a noise behind them. 

(fart noise with mouth) Who was that? 

God dammit, 



 Oh, as they all turn with flashlights darting around in search of the noises origin one of them shouted look at the tree. 

Look at the tree. I just did. What do you do? 

That was when they finally spotted it the Flatwoods Monster, roll credits. 

Alright, that's it, we're done. 

There floating in front of them was a creature or a thing that was around 12 to 15 feet tall, but by some accounts, say 10 to 15. Either way, it was a time on the fucker.

Once again, we come to the crossroads of when you're looking at something. Can you really tell how tall it is?

They said they use a tree. They said they  used a tree around it as a marker.

I'm not criticizing them. I know you're saying all these different accounts of how tall it is. Yes, I get why it'd be a couple feet difference

Either way. 10 foot at the lowest point estimate is still a big fucking dude

Get me, get you, we'll get Orion and we'll get you guys. And we'll all individually see something and just guess its height. I bet you we will not have the same fucking height. 

Yeah, that's true. That's true. 

But hey, let's all criticize the fact that they have different heights.

Yes, anyway, sorry. 

I hate that. 

He's you know that about heights? 

I love heights!,It's a great thing. 

Oh my god. Well, this tall motherfucker. They said it seemed to Sway left and right. 

He was dancing. 

They noticed those floating. So it was maybe like, 

Dancing and farting, That's what the mist was.

Dancing and farting, Well, it wore what they described as a long dress. Some accounts say that it was metallic. Some say it was like a cloth. But it was more of a dress in the shape that it was like covering that didn't have appendages that. You know, slots for appendages. And it had a hood type thing behind it or a cowl that made its head nope, or a cowl behind his head that was in the shape of a spade for reference. Just look at that. I'm sure in the video, there'll be the that's a drawing that was made of the description. Surem you'll have that in there. 

No, fuck you all, I'm kidding

No never mind. You visualize people

Close your eyes and just imagine

Now Its head was one massive red circle. Yes, the big red circle. And inside of it was its eyes as they described. 

I hope so. 

Its eyes they described as two portholes 

I've heard that

which are round circles of glowing orange light. So circle, 2 circles and that's all it had. Its arms much like the rest of the creature appeared to be metallic. And like a suit of armor. At the end of each of the two arms. It had what Kathleen described as toy like claws. They all describe to having the spindly metallic arms and that had these Claws

Remember, all these are accounts. All these are accounts. 

Oh yeah, you're right 

All these accounts are from basically like split second seeing because they didn't just sit there and say wow,

That's a cool, look at that motherfucker. Get a load of this Richie. 

Richie? Should we run?

He's gone. As it floated, as it was floating there, and all of a sudden started floating towards the group. And about this time, Eugene said, check, please. And dip the fuck out with the rest of group in tow. Now, one accountant said that he nope the fuck out of there by turning tail and fucking pushing everybody aside. 

Get out of my way bitches!

Lets's get the fuck out of here! 

And then everybody followed

And everyone followed behind them. They're like, Oh, he's leaving to let's Yeah, I guess we'll go

And then one account that I read said that he fainted. And then everybody decided no, that's it we're gone. And scurried.

One account I read said that Eugene claimed that. Nope, not Eugene didn't claim this. I guess one of the kids that knew that some of the kids in school said that one of the kids admitted that he think pissed his pants and fear. 

I saw that Yeah. 

Which fucking christ I don't blame him.

I'm trying to imagine you got a big, Yeah, I probably piss my pants with fear too. If I had to pee, of course, right. I'm not just gonna randomly be like, I gotta pee. Or I gotta pee. If I had to pee. I just

I gotta take a piss, thanks for stalling

yeah, he was getting a drink

I was getting a drink. 

I was doing my best and then I got tangled 

Wet my whistle

I got tangled. 

So yeah, it started lunging towards them and they all dipped out 

What? what punk? What? 

Yes. So the group raced back to the house all in shock and disbelief, disbelief of what they had just seen and witness. And Kathleen wasted no time and contacting first the local sheriff's office, and then a local reporter.

Yeah. Oh, you have it where she contacted the reporter. Because I have it where the sheriff contacted the reporter and came along 

Either way reporter was contacted. 

I had a shield account anyway. Let's get into it I had 

Brian Williams showed up.

And Ryan Gosling

Ok, the two greatest detectives the world's ever seen. Not a Ryan Gosling character not him in Blade Runner. 2049. But just the act himself.

Yes. Just Ryan Gosling.

Shout out to you gooseling

That's right. And then there's little pup McGruffin there.


I'm sorry. I keep forgetting his name.

Now made captain for his bravery.

Absolutely. Well, that didn't last long. So the next few days were not pleasant for the boys. that witnessed this creature. We'll call it a creature because we don't know exactly what it is. 

We'll call it the Flatwoods Monster.

Fuck! The next few days were not pleasant for the boys that witnessed the Flatwoods Monster. 

Thank you. 

I am Oh. When the investigators revived, oh man, When the investigators arrived. They began to have symptoms, the boys are not the investigators, I should specify that. A lot of little delays there. The boys began to have symptoms of nausea, headache and vomiting. Eugene Lemon was vomiting through the night and would later develop complications with his throat for weeks after that lasted for weeks after. Some point to the nausea and vomiting as a response to the extreme levels of fear that the group had experienced. Although as the days went on, the members of the group experienced skin rashes, swollen throats, and irritated red eyes. Oh and nasal passages to, sounds great doesn't it? Which allegedly the physician that examined them pointed out that these are all symptoms or the same symptoms and signs of exposure to mustard gas mustard gas

I was gonna be like oh are you gonna talk about being mustard gas and then it was like I'm gonna let them wait yeah to let them have this and see if he got there.

It might not be mustard gas, but this the same symptom

No, similar

Now you gotta think, it could be exhaust from the craft it could be maybe the Flatwoods monster

shit his pants, now they all got pink eye

Fuck me, or in a defense attack or not attack but defense mechanism whatever it releases noxious gas. I don't know 

Maybe the flatwoods monsters atmosphere

Maybe he just fucking stinks, alright. He hasn't showered in weeks. He has been traveling from Uranus for awhile.

Oh, good one. I like it. 

I try

Call back

 yeah, What?

I tried, what? 10 out of 10

The kids sore throats were later explained away by saying they got the sore throats from screaming 


Don't say that word. From screaming

I'm sure they did.

I want to put, I want you all to put your flags at half mast, I want you to do stand up, I want you get your guns ready, and I want you to give them the 12 shot bark salute

21 gun salute

No, No, it's a dog so 12. Two days after the incident

No, don't say it 

Two days, the dog that accompanies the group sadly died. He was on he was at ground level for the dirty mist 

Forever in our hearts Richie the detective dog 

What's bad is I pretended to act like him crying and now my eyes are actually watering.

You can fake cry that's incredible. 

Yeah, I can. I thought I told you that?

I've never known that. That's pretty dope.

I think I just amplified that cough there. 

Oh, Richie. 

Yeah, yeah. For always in here, in here, in our minds and in our hearts. Well, as you stated Miss May called the local sheriff. Alright fine, as you stay Kathleen May call the local sheriff what were you laughing at?

I just, I imagined what you're going to do during that part. Like what you do is alien, the Fud one. 

What one? 

The rest in peace and the

That one again, that's a Patreon part but yes. 

So good. 

Yeah, I did that to my Camaro too, that one is the main episode. Anyways, she called the local sheriff Robert Carr and Robert Carr called the local newspaper called a, not the, wasn't only one called a local newspaper reporter, publisher I wrote, to accompany him, or to come investigate. I really don't know why the fuck you would call him. It would make more sense if a Kathleen called him but either way, someone called him. Mr. A. Lee Stewart did show up. But first I skipped over what the sheriff said


My bad. 

It's okay. What did old Sherry have to say?

Well. Sheriff and Ritchie got together and discussed the events of the night. And Sheriff Carr would then go to the site where the alleged creature and craft were seen. He reported that he could not locate the craft or the creature but the smell was still pleasant, present, not pleasant. Present. Now we get back you call it the newspaper guy, blah, blah, blah. Now we're back and forward. In 1952, after the incident A. Lee Stewart, a local newspaper publisher accompany the sheriff to location. He explained. "Those people were the most scared people I've ever seen. People don't make up that kind of story that quickly." Would have been pretty quick though, it was that night. After the witness has told him what they saw. He himself marched up that hill to see for himself. With a shotgun in hand, he apparently found weird tracks and a black gooey liquid on trees and grass no sight of orbs or creatures

This tastes like shit

It's a bit salty, it's alien semen. 

Martha get the shotgun! 

Let's see what this does. (Bang) Yup it ignited, it was not semen it was oil. My bad, ah shit. Am I gonna die? Am I gonna be alright, Richie? Where's you go again? Fucking dog. Why is a captain? 

Why's he a captain. 

Alright, the next day, Stuart went back to the site the next day. You could tell that I took a break for a second after starting a sentence got distracted, as I usually do, came back and wrote the same thing twice. So the next day. Stuart went back to the site the next day, and found skid marks in the field and an odd gummy deposit 

In his underwear. 

Underwear and slippers bathrobe though at least. These were then attributed by UFOs enthusiast groups as evidence of a flying saucer. I don't know if that was common back then but apparently it was. We're gonna talk about the Air Force. The Air Force coming came project Bluebook as you requested. 

There they are. 

Yeah, they found nothing.

Awesome great. 

No, this not only made national news, but it also prompted a US Air Force UFO inquiry inquiry, not a trial, also known as Project Bluebook. That sends a handful of investigators around the country to investigate such claims as these.

Was our, one of our 

J. Edgar Hynek? 

Nope. Was one of our DTS heroes on this mission. J Allen Hynek?

AHH, I always say Edgar I don't know why.

Because you think J Edgar Hoover. 

I don't know why I keep saying Edgar. Allen. Maybe okay. I had enough zero reports of him. But if you watch stupid blue Project Blue Book series, that totally fucked this up, by the way. Yeah. They say he was there, but they also go watch it and you'll see some bullshit but yeah, if you haven't seen it, don't watch it. Okay, that's very very confusing. Watch it. Don't watch it baby. Got it. It sucked. But a, I don't think he was there. But a, I don't think he was there. I started reading the sentence because I wanted to tell you that anyway.

Well, I appreciate you telling me 

My pleasure. But after a quick investigation, they determined that the steak the boys saw, all right that the street the boys saw in the sky was just a meteor. I apologize. The allergies are getting to me. 

It's fine. 

They said it was the same meteor that that was seen in Baltimore, about 300 miles away that very same night at the very same time apparently. As for the monster, this it was simply just an owl

Likely story. 

We'll get into that later on my part 

It's a fucking weather balloon my ass.

Yeah, we'll get into all that in my part. It makes some good arguments both ways, though. 

Okay, I'm excited. 

I'm sorry. So am I, that's why I touch your foot. This brush off and easy explanation ignores the pulsing light seen on the hill by multiple people. The vibrations in the area after the object settled on the hill or crashed on the hill, whichever, and the many they claim to have seen the object flying around in the area. 

Lots of people 

That is a lot of people. That wasn't the only government people that came and visited.

Oh, really? George Washington showed up. 

He did. Him and his, what did he have pig teeth? He didn't have wooden teeth. He had dentures made of I think pig teeth. I could be wrong.

Most most Olden dentures used to just be like cadavers, teeth.

Okay. But that's, I don't know, which is more disgusting. I see why everybody wants to go with wood teeth because that's that, hey, I got dead people's teeth in my mouth.

I'm gonna look it up.

That's fine. I'm gonna go with Well, there was also a claim of a visit from the famed Men in Black. After Miss may reported the incident to the sheriff. The government said some men only introduce themselves as from the government. To the, to her house to investigate the report and take down the witnesses reports. That's a lot of reports in a sentence. These guys, from the government, were most likely the infamous Men in Black. They reportedly took Miss Mays dress that had some of the oil substance on it to investigate en said they would return it. They never did. They also allegedly took several pieces of metal that they had, that the kids grabbed or someone grabbed it. I didn't really see I didn't find out who grabbed it. 


Somebody in the party grabbed it, was a Richie?


Oh, fuck you. So I'm gonna grab it. After the incident. They also never returned that. So they grab that shit, not returning it. Shortly after the press coverage, but the press covering the incident change their tune. After the initial coverage. The witnesses were were a part of a wider coverage of the story. National coverage of the story, sorry. I gotta stop saying sorry. The coverage involved interviews with multiple astronomers that were making the witnesses appear to be just ignorant country folk, making it seem like they just became scared of a meteor sighting.

Oh, what is it?

What about a do? But again, like I stated above, yeah, it doesn't explain a lot of the other accounts.

No, it does not.

I have one more account. And then I want to hear your findings on the wood teeth. After many interviews with locals, Gary Barker, would find that many residents of the town had witnessed something strange flying in the night sky. This was a various, this was at various locations spanning about a 20 mile radius. Now, Gary Barker is a author. And as well as a investigator of this type of stuff, and I think he gets credited for the men in black. But I could be completely wrong. 

Like the creation of them? 

Oh, mentioning them and not creating them. 

You're saying bringing them to light?

Yeah, in one of his books, but it could be off and I don't want to put that out as fact that is just I think I read that. So that's who Gary Barker is sorry, I didn't ever put that in any of my notes. So it was just like, Haha, guess. 

Guess what. 

There were also multiple sightings of the creature, which was reported as a 10 foot tall creature as we stated 10 foot tall foot, seven foot hutt with a head shaped like a spade and that and what appeared to be a metal dark dress or a dark metal dress. Totally went dyslexic there.

It's the same thing. 

The creature skin was dark black, or green in color, depending on the account.

I did yeah, I did read a few accounts of said that he that he, the Flatwoods Monster. The metal, metal was greenish. Had a greenish hue to it. And also, I saw ones that said that the dress that it was wearing was green.

I'm gonna finish this. And I want to pick up on that point. He would conclude that the sighting was suggest may suggest that there was either the same flying object circling the sky that night visible by many, or it was another craft trying to find a place to land or to make an observation, maybe looking for the downed craft. So back to your point about the dress now, I didn't write this down because I was actually listening to a podcast That was talking about this. I guess, Miss May and I think it was Freddie as a kid a couple of years later did another interview. And they were explaining that. Or Freddie was kind of explaining that the pleated dress or the whatever dress dark dress that they saw, it was more of a mechanical apparatus, bowl shape apparatus, and that the pleats were just pipes and tubes going from the base to the top and maybe a life support maybe, you know, like when we go to a different planet, we're wearing a astronaut suit, right? Which is the same point these guys made is maybe this creature came from a different planet didn't know our planet. Maybe this is a one time visit and had. 

I think it's a safe bet that it came from another planet. 

Well, I'm saying his had, because it's never been to this planet. You know the zoo of Earth.

You need something to support it, if this isn't your atmosphere. 

Exactly, and in another account that you're going to cover, and I'll chime in on this that one if you don't mind. It looked like it kind of took off. Some of this may be realized, oh, I don't need this stuff. I can breathe the air, whatever. So

It's like in the movies when they get onto the planet or when they're toxic environment. They're like, Oh, the reading say it's okay. Don't take your mask off. Johnny. and it's like pssssss

I can breathe. 

Oh, it's fine.

 But yeah, to go with your little dress.

No, no, no, no, no.

But that is those sightings, reported sightings. What other sightings?

Well, before we get into that, I got an update on the teeth situation. 

Oh, yeah, the teeth. 

So according to encyclopedia Virginia, 

It's important 

Contrary to popular belief, by the way, we're both correct. Contrary to popular belief. He never had wooden teeth. Yes. The dentures he used are made from animal and human teeth. He bought teeth from his slaves, as well as an elephant in walrus ivory. The false teeth were embedded in a base of lead and made flexible with steel springs.

Why do you want flexible teeth?

No, like,

Also, can I just say, can you imagine walrus teeth in your mouth?

That no walrus and elephant ivory? 

Oh, I'm sorry. Like, ah, 

But it is a walrus tooth. You're correct. You're correct. And technically a tusk is a tooth Yeah. So you know I think what's also concerning about that, is that the base that the teeth were set in, it's lead. Could you imagine walk around the lead fucking in your mouth all day?

You might get lead poisoning. You might die from a blood transfusion that they had to do back then where they take half your blood

I'm looking at a picture of them. That's why I'm talking about why it looks incredibly difficult to talk. Well, that's an update on that. But you guys that's history. That's my shit. So you know, I had to talk about it. Let's talk about the Snitowsky's

I know some history too

Yeah you do.

Yeah, you do. 

I'm proud of you, you know the Knights Templar. 


Huh? Let's talk about the Snitowsky sighting. This occurred the day after the event of the original sighting. 20 miles south in strange Creek. 

Ooh, strange Creek. 

Yeah, George and Edith Snitowsky. Along with their 18 year old no 

18 year old? Why's he still in a car seat? 

Along with their 18 month old baby had a strange encounter of their own. While driving in the area between clay and Braxton County on Route four, the family's car suddenly died in the middle of the road.

I've had that before. 

So did I

Recently, both of us.

Yeah, like two weeks apart. 


It was dark out. And every attempt by George to get the car started again was exhausted. The car would not turn on. Inexplicably tried damn near everything. So as the couple were discussing options and plans as the next town was many miles away and it was now getting dark or was dark I should say. All of a sudden a burn sulfuric mist began to roll in the dissimilar description to the mist encountered by the flat Woods group

And Miss snow kowski said, George. Why'd you shit yourself. Could you give me a little warning here.

We're locked in here and you do this? They're not locked in there. But this mist, woke the baby up and the baby began to cry.

I would too if I had a smell that was burning my nose and throat

Right? Just then. Out of the side of the road in the woods. A bright light appeared.

Richie came! I'M HEERRREEE. In slow motion. Why is that dog running so slow? 

Listen, you guys gotta get to hell out of here. I just tracked something here. 

I can smell it from a mile away,

I've been staking them out.

It's about to go down. Go Go save yourself 

Save yourself don't be a hero. Forever in our hearts. A bright, so the bright light appeared off in the road. off the road in the woods. Bright light. Yes. The couple of WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT? Got really high pitched there. 

Pretty good. 

What the fuck is this shit. just 

I like the first way you did it. 

Yeah I know, just then a couple soft floating in front of them all sudden, right in front of the car and a 10 foot tall creature. This creature has the same characteristics of the flatwood monster. But instead of a metallic spade shaped hood, the couple claimed to have reptilian bony lizard like head, but all with the same proportions as before. So this leads credence to your theory, not theory. Well, everyone's got in general suspicion that it was just a spacesuit. And underneath it, apparently it's a reptilian. So maybe the reptilians. Who knows maybe this could have been one of the early encounters of the reptilians on Earth. And this was before they're like a dog. We can breed this. But also, I think Reptilians are from Inner Earth.

I would agree with that. Maybe Antarctica. You should tune in next week to Ancient Aliens.

Oh, next week on Ancient Aliens. We will also talk about spacesuits

And Antarctica.  All right. 


How do you like that tease?

It was good. I would say yeah.

There's so much I want to say about this. In terms of theories. I haven't I'm trying to hold off to final thoughts. So 

Good. Fantastic. 

And I'll forget because that's just what happens.

So yeah, the creature

Wow that was aggressive 

Wow you got really aggressive. The creature, as I said at the same characteristics reptilian like, so it hovered from the car for a few seconds before it turned. Turned. Tail 

And scurried. 

Almost scurried.

Actually, no, no,

It floated off gradually off the road. But not before dragging its reptilian claws along the hood of the car as it went by.

Nice sound effect. Thank you. That was your belly. You're hungry.

It's been growling Yeah, so drug gets claws now not in a metallic shroud armor. But yeah, yeah.

The account I saw, read, not saw. Yeah, I saw it.

I was there 

I was there. I went back in time.

Eating popcorn. 

It smells real bad. Account I read, it was talking about how from the waist up and then had like a reptilian body, they took it off. And that it came to the car while they were in there. And when George and when Mr. Snikowski looked up outside the window it was like fucking face to face with them. 

Oh fuck that. 

Yeah. And then it kind of went around the car and then did the touching of the car with its claws you know 

The touching of the car. 

I now give you permission to leave 

Now you may exit

Yeah, so anyways, yeah, just imagine that in the fucking middle of the night

All of a sudden a giant lizard 

The deserted Woods, not deserted woods but 

It's a deserted, a remote woods and the no one was on the road

And then you look out your fucking window while you're trying to like I don't know what he was doing but let's just say he's comforting his wife because he's a good guy. You know? Making sure the baby's okay. Looks outside the window and here's his face to face with Mr. reptile. 

Reptile. That's his name, 

Mr. reptile.

Reptile. The Flatwoods Monster?

Exactly. I think I touched a foot again. I'm sorry. 

That wasn't my foot.

Oh shit. It's Frank's, Ritchie's. Who the fuck is Frank? 

Couldn't tell you 

that was stupid. Anyways, yeah, I would be scared. shitless.

I'd make some sulfuric, I'd make some sulfuric mist myself.

It wouldn't just be mist. If you know what I mean. Oh, there'll be just a hot load in the pants. Of poop, of poop

Yeah, I wouldn't be that excited. OH MY GOD, YEAH

You just turned out the window.... I shit my pants

Apologies. Please go on.

It's all good. 

Thank you, Lennon 

So as the creature departed, the road stage left the it was out of sight. The car once again started up with no issue.

Yeah, it's probably to their like relief.

Yeah, they're like guys get the fuck out of your scoob. 

Zoinks scoob. Ruh roh Raggy 

So we know of the Snitowsky's account, because Mr. Snitowsky gave his account to the 1955 issue of mail magazine. Three years later, 


It was just called mail magazine. 

I know. 


No, I was making a joke.

I know you were I did. I saw. 

Hey, I love you man. 

I was afraid to look up mail magazine. 

I wouldn't look it up either. Bunch of hairy guys 

Did not want to look it up. I was trying to find the actual article. But I couldn't find it. Yeah, but anyway, we knew 

It's hard to look for that because you might find some other stuff you might not want to see.

Not might not do not.

Yeah, well I 

Go ahead?

 Is that all you have Snikowsky? 

Snitowsky and yes. 

Sorry, Snikowski. I'm always watching you!

Thats Wazowski 

Whatever I'm getting them all confused

Robert Lewandowski, fantastic soccer player.

I can't do that voice anyways. My father could. And he would do it for everyone. All the time. Even when you're 18. 

He liked making people happy.

Yes. So in one of the accounts, I read about that. The next day, when they got to the town, they stayed over that night. So the next morning when they were going to leave. Where the creature touched the car with its claws was burned claw marks. 

No shit. 

Yeah. I don't know why. Does he have lava fingers. 

Acid rain. 

Right. So what other account I'm sorry. I've done interrupting you. No I'm not, let's be real. Let's be real.

Why are you asking me what other account? You told me you had an account?

Oh, it was just Oh, yeah,

You were starting to tell me about the Snitowsky's 

No, that was it. 

Oh, okay. 

That was it. 

So that was it. 

Just the next day they

Yes. So that's pretty cool.

Yeah, or, and a local farmer, saw that. Saw what looks like a local, only a local fire. Saw what looks like a fire on the hill where this incident happened. And when he went to grab his binoculars, the red hue disappeared and flash of white light. So maybe, maybe the old Flatwoods Monster compatriots showed up and took the ship or something I don't fucking know because no ship was there anymore.

Possibly. Well, another sighting, also,

So you do have more sighting 

I do. This took place. 

I do. Sorry. I fucked up.

This took place shortly before the actual fishers farm flatwoods groups sighting


Richie's outside 

I was about to say that. Im here guys!

This happened, it was this was witnessed by a miss Audra Harper.

She sounds pretty 

Probably. Maybe. She claimed to have seen the monster while walking through the woods near her home. In the town of heaters.

Okay, that's gotta be close to them. Yeah,

It's five miles north of flatwoods. 

There it is

There it is. Harper. Story goes based off of Shout out. The story goes that Harper and her friend were walking to a nearby store. 


No, I said that exactly. Right. The road leading out of their property was inplicable

Inplicable, inapplicable? Inaccessible?

implacable inplaceable. People are shouting at me in their fucking cars right now. Either way, it was in Reddit so they were taking a shortcut through the forest and stuff walking the road which would have increased their trip significantly. But I have my under trip they noticed a ball of fire on the hill as they were passing 

Great Balls of Fire 

Harper dismissed it assuming, hey Top Gun. Harper dismissed it assuming that one of her neighbors was Fox chasing 

With, is he a magician? What the fuck 

When she glass but glass and she glanced back she saw something unbelievable. The fires vanished and in his place to the tall dark silhouette of a man shaped figure. Terrified Harper and her friend ran escaping the rocks and boulders strung around the hillside. 

I would too 

That's the account that they told me. 

They told you that huh? 

Yeah, through words in text.

Oh, those people they're sneaky with those words in the text.

So either way in 1952 (Car driving off loudly)

That didn't happen. Sounds like we're backing 1952. Holy shit!

Well either way in September of 1952 in West Virginia, many people saw something kind of fucking freaky. But the thing is, is that nobody has seen the Flatwoods Monster since there's been no sighting since this time.

Okay, I was gonna save a final thoughts but do you think this is a one off? Maybe a? Maybe he was he or she? Maybe the Flatwoods Monster whatever the fuck it is reptilian 


Yeah, maybe it was a different type of reptilian that just kind of stopped on earth or crashed or whatever. Of course there's other things I'll get into about that. But like one off and that's why no one's seen it again. Do you think it was misinterpreted as an owl from an owl, not as an owl. Or do you think it is truly reptilians and (inaudible). They got my tongue and they just got better at whatever or made a deal with the government because member UFO craze at that time. I'm really getting into final thoughts. I'm gonna go ahead and stop right there. 

Should we just do final thoughts? 

No, because I got to do the explanations given.

Well then do the explanations 

Yeah, I'm sorry I was getting excited. Shelve all that for later peeps.

Asking me FINAL THOUGHTS question. 

I know, I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry. All right. I'm gonna talk about Joe Nichols right now, and by Joe Nichols? I mean Joe Nickell right now

Joe Nichols sounds like 

He sounds like a country singer. 

I was gonna say he sounds like, like a mob boss informant.

His account he came not as account. He did an investigation. And this is his theories as to what. I looked at all three of you, you, the camera, the other camera anyways. 

And Richie

So one of the most popular theories about the creature is that it is just a owl and this was made famous mostly by the Publishers

Clearing House.

Newspaper publisher, A. Lee Stewart he did like a one off line, basically saying "Or maybe they just saw an owl" but he was being sarcastic and joking anyways, it kind of ran with it. And Joe Nickell. I don't know if he ran with it off that article or came to his own conclusions either way. In his research, this is what he found. Now, I'm gonna reading my note. I took little notes, and then I turned into this big paragraph. And the start of this Joe nickel sentence says, "Same eyes as owl, Joe Nichols, a PhD. in english". I forgot to erase it! Okay, I'm gonna do this. So I don't read that. Joe Nickell, a PhD in English, a long time paranormal investigator, and a career skeptic did his own investigation of the Flatwoods Monster and interviews with the witnesses. In June of 2000.

Oh that far?

He interviewed a man named Johnny Lockard, who was 95. Who told him that basically everyone that had seen the alleged flying saucer recognized it for what it was, a meteor. So this is his explanation for the UFO. Lockhart stated that the fireball had been seen on a relatively horizontal trajectory in various states. As to why the boys believed to have seen it land on a hillside. Nichol, Nichols explained that it is a known illusion associated with Meteor stating, next page thing. "They are very far from you, but they're so bright that you almost duck you think they're just coming right overhead and they go out of sight beyond the hill. It creates an illusion that is landing up there." That's what he thinks the UFO was. That's what a lot of people think the UFO was was just a meteor. Certain things though, we'll discuss in a little bit. Don't add up if it's just a meteor. Like people see meteors before first off.  Let's talk about theory of the creature. I kind of alluded to it multiple times. Let's talk about it. So if the UFO was a meteor, what is the explanation for the creature? I should just kind of like read my notes and it will lead me right into what I did that, Dammit! Dammit Jim! Nichols says that the reason West Virginia is home to famous several famous cryptids is because they have owls. He believes that the creature was nothing more than a female barn owl protecting her chicks.

That's a big fucking owl. 

That's a big fuckin owl. They got big fucking eyes.

That's a nice fuckin fish.

You got it. Nichol states. They shine a light at it and sees it has. This is his quote. And it's like a tongue twister. "They shine a light at it and see it has kind of a heart shaped face" Which barn owls do "and all of a sudden, just as quickly as a wink. The creature came right at them." Nichol's said "and Miss May would remember these terrible claws. They were very vague about the bottom of the creature. There wasn't one. It was on a branch" he explained that nocturnal animals like owls have reflective elements in their eyes. Again, that's true. That helps them to see in the dark, which makes their eye's appear to glow in the dark when you shine light on them. Barn owls have a white face roughly shaped like an upside down spade. And as a bird of prey they also have tails or claws. Not to mention barn owls make an eerie sounding hissing screech. So he's not telling lies. Possibly could have been. If you just gave me this one account and said they saw this. And nobody else saw it. I might say, you know, maybe it was a barn owl. But you're gonna tell me a barn owls wreaking havoc all over flatwoods and surrounding 20 miles.

There's a lot of things about that explanation that I think are kind of fucking stupid.

Yes. Again, let's get into that final thoughts. 


 I mean, unless you're gonna forget it like that one time. I don't want you to forget it. So

No, no, go ahead. Just remind me about barn owl stupidity.

Let me just finish with the mist and the other things and 

Final thoughts it. 

Yeah, okay, so the mist. As for the sickening mist? Nichol explains that the mist was just normal mist. The smell that is reported to come along with the mist, just came from a type of pungent smelling grass that grows all over that area. How about the skid marks and the odd gummy deposit? Well, the skid marks and the odd gummy deposit was easily explained by a local man he interviewed named Max Lockhart. Sound familiar? Lockhart stated that the marks were made from his 1942 Chevy pickup truck and the gummy deposit was just leaking oil from his trucks oil pan. That is his explanation for all the events that happened to basically one group. Not the other groups. Could have been an hour. I mean, I guess if the Snitowsky's are lying and other people are lying, sure

Well, the Snitowsky's count is nowhere near close to an owl.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. If everybody's lying. 

Yeah. What kind of owl did they say it was? 

Barn owl? I've looked it up too. And it does have that spade look and all that.

I just want to see if it is the one I'm thinking it is. It is the one I'm thinking of. Now coincidentally enough. Owls have long been confused for aliens, 

Of course because they're fucking creepy. 

Their face, I'm sorry, maybe not long. But yeah, cuz when they're peering in your window at night or something like the fourth kind uses it

Alaska, but that was based off real events ofcourse. I'd love to investigate that.

But that's the thing is that that yet looks similar. But not in the same as this alien. So

Yeah, not even close. That's big fucking owl.

That's what I'm saying. This one's running it looks dorky as hell. That's a big fucking owl

That's a big fucking owl. Some owls are big but not that big

The spade shape is in the opposite direction. 

It's like a wise old owl. 

Spaceships in the opposite direction.

 Is it? 


Maybe it was upside down. Whoo

Well that's what I'm saying. It doesn't make sense.

Well, that was his Expl, explanation, doesn't make it right. Let's look at some, Frankie C. Franchino Jr. That's a mouthfull, he wrote a book. Frankie, Frankie. No, wasn’t that the dog? Ritchie? God dammit? There's too many goddamn names

Oh, a couple years ago,

Lots of names. What about Neil nunley.

Fuck that guy. He is a serial killer?

He doesn't have three names. He's not a serial killer right

You're right, Frankie C. Franchino Jr. has

Technically he's a junior

Four names

He's safe.

Anyways, Frank Franchino, Jr. I 'm just going to keep saying his fucking name. Research the incident and wrote a book called The Braxton County Monster: The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster in it (wheez) that's my owl impression.

That's exactly what it sounds like.

In it, he explains, he examines the case and explains some series. In it, he examines the case and explain some theories of government cover ups. Had to power through that mess up I keep doing

Continue JFK.

Alright. We're gonna go to the moon this day or next?

There we go.

This year or the next. One of these cover ups was.

(Wispers) Decade

What? I heard it. I'll get it on the other side because it's going to come off your videos. One of these cover ups was about the meteor theory after an interview with a witness that had military documents, so I'm assuming he was in the military, but there's no names given which I'm okay with. It was explained that the so called meteor were actually part of a four formation of four unknown crafts, part of four formations of four unknown crafts. That entered from the Gulf of Mexico during a military exercise. In the book, he states that the military would launch fighters to engage with these aircrafts in which one of the UFOs would be damaged and land or crash in Flatwoods, Flatwoods. The occupant survived and hence be known as. Dammit, I delivered it wrong. The occupant survived and hence be known as the Flatwoods Monster there Furthermore, 


I delivered it terribly the first time. He then goes, that was a big like (Inhales). He then goes on to explain that the next sighting of the creature would happen the night after a nearby town a Frametown. Did the creature run into the Snikowsky's car,


I keep trying to give them a K in there. Snitowsky's car when passing through Frametown? Franchino thinks... so. I should probably put that all into one sentence. Franchino thinks so and thinks that the stranded creature was rescued immediately after the incident. When he saw the, Snitowsky saw the globe like objects descend into the sky and disappear. It didn't really talk about that. I'm not gonna sit here and lie and say read the book. So I don't know the whole account but Franchino had a theory on the creature itself too. He believes that the creature was like, likely more snake like and that the metallic suit allowed it to move around. He theorized that the body was coiled into the metallic suit. Well, he talked about an account involving, I don't know why I said, why I wrote well. WELL he talked about an account. He thought it was a coil body in the suit. He talks about an account involving the above mentioned Gary Barker, and Ivan Sanderson sounds like he's from the matrix, where they allegedly found what is explained as a coiled substance on the ground and area,

A coiled substance

Coiled substance

The fuck is a coiled substance 

I don't know, it was described as a giant piece of snakeskin but hard like a turtle shell. They would have, they would have this coil analyzed and found that it would straighten out from being put in water. I'm not gonna clump that was like a real tickle in my nose, not a fake tickle or real tickle. 

Not a fake one this time. 

Now putting Franchinos, theories, Barker and Sanderson. Let me redo that. Now, putting Franchinos theories, Barker in Sandersons account, and the count of the Snikow, snit... Hmmm... as you would say. Snitowsky's together could this creature come from an alien race known as the reptilians? Strange and unpleasant smells are said to accompany reptilians. The Snitowsky's claimed that the creature had a reptile like face and in some accounts body and Barker and Sandersons findings of the snake skin that is hard as the turtle shell. They all just point to that, the creature was reptilian. Now with the stories and all the explanations given covered, it is now time for our final thoughts

We've presented the facts. It's time now to examine the evidence and give our theories to pull up a chair for our final thoughts. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Science.

Final thoughts finally, we've only teased it every 15 seconds. 

As customary in my dojo, Lennon, please go first. 

Oh, you bet your ass I will 

Get it! you Minnesota scurried away. 

The fucking Barn owl thing is fucking stupid. I mean, I get it. You want to provide rational explanation? 

I get that but 

That looks to be one of the most rational explanations of it. Now it's a stupid explanation. But then again, reptilian metal monster from outer space is also a stupid explanation, but there's a giant fucking that's a big ass barn owl.

It's a big ass barn owl. But please, I don't mean to interupt 

That's a big ass barn owl. The arms, I guess are consistent with what could have been misidentified as its legs. Vice versa, because it's got the claws and they' re spindly. But I don't get the dress. I don't get the metallic shroud because they could see the head inside of the shroud. I don't know. So I don't know if I really appreciate them kind of taking your shit on our story like that. 

Right, we were there.

You know I ment 

You, me and Richie 

Richie the detective dog, we brought him back now he's a cyborg.

Absolutely, shhh quite.

Um Yeah, I actually do have final thoughts other than that. 

Okay. I was about to say 

Unless you wanted to converse about that. 

No there's really not to converse about. Rational theory, Yes, the owl. But I, if it was, as I stated before, if it was just the kids and miss May if it was just the kids and Kathy's Kathleen's account. Where on a first name bases

We got nicknamed 

She's old now, actually she passed away. Anyways, if it was just their accounts, I would say, okay, maybe they just miss saw something, an owl but there's more to it.

There's more. I have written similarity with reptilians. But mech suits are not so common in sightings. Reptilian sightings happen a lot, and Reptilians are said to be shapeshifters.

So they wouldn't need it

Exactly, yeah, but not many sightings about a reptilian say that they have mech suits on. 

Right, except for Godzilla? 

Yes. Mecha Godzilla. Like we said, though, this could be maybe one of the first appearances that they've made on our planet or something who the fuck knows

First appearance or maybe it was just a different type of that aren't here

Yes. Was it even a mech suit some kind of spacesuit or suit for atmospheric survival, we've covered that. The fact that multiple people witnessed it in a close area and such similar accounts before news got out and about too much. Leads to the credibility a little more pers a little more to me personally. You have three to five different sightings all within say, a 20 mile radius all within a couple of days of each other. That would be considered, if you had somebody, say that there was somebody who escaped from prison. And they were escaped, or they were witnessed the same 5-10 people or 3-5 people within 20 mile radius. That's credible. That's something that would give evidence to start looking in that direction.

But you can use the same logic like that with Aliens because... I have no reasons. They just don't.

Yeah. Yeah. So those are some of my final thoughts. I'd love to hear yours.

Alright, I like your final thoughts. I agree with you on the owl. Now, at that time, if you remember, there was currently in a space race. So, it was in the forefront of people's minds. It was the beginning of the space race. It was actually Roswell just happen what five years before Sputnik was still five years away. So we're a we're right in the middle of that. It couldn't have been a satellite because obviously Sputnik was five years later. So that's not even a remote possibility of satellite crashing. As for Meteor going by, I think people recognize what a fucking Meteor is, personally, but maybe I'm crazy.

Sorry. Yeah, that's another thing when talking about the meteor, but the meteor Yes, um, yes, people have witnessed meteors. Also, nowadays, when we have all these people witness meteors, we have videos of it. Granted, obviously, that's not the point I'm making. But the point is, is that these things make loud booms and they fucking shatter windows, and you can hear him for miles and miles and miles and miles. You think that many people would have picked up on that and wrote reports on it? Especially if it fucking crashed into the side of a mountain? Right, where it's sticking out? Yeah, I feel like many news outlets or newspapers or whatever around the area would have reported that and there's no recordings of it. So that kind of the meteor theory is kind of

Well they claimed that it was in three states saw from Washington DC all the way over but... Still I like to point out that most people know the fucking Meteor is a, b multiple, you're gonna tell me basically three towns that saw this thing, thought it was not a meteor. And c multiple reportings, have it not just going in a straight line, but have it circling and moving and doing actual directional things. So I don't think it's a meteor. So I think it must have been some kind of flying craft, whether it was experimental, you know, US based or actual UFO. I think it's a craft. Yes. But what about the owl? We already talked about so I'm not going into that. Now the consistency of the description of the creatures another thing? I think that lends credibility. I'm not saying it's 100% Boom, it's gonna be it but I think that leads credibility to it that it could be a creature. Now let's talk about the creature. There's some thoughts that it's reptilian. From the accounts we have, that's in some kind of as you called it, Mecha suit. What if it's not actually a creature? What if it was a robotic man drone from a different race or an experimental robotic drone type of thing from the US government and so on and so forth. But it has no creature in sight at all. And, and that's, I don't know why they would give it a face with eyes. Maybe, but maybe it's the cameras, you never know. So that's another theory. I'd like to

That's pretty fucking dope. I like that theory. Like, like a fucking early, like 50s themed fuckin drone. Yep, that's cool as hell.

Yeah. I don't know. I don't know how they would get an egg shaped one to fly. But Roswell was five years earlier.

That's cool.

5 years earlier in a set it came from the... government official says it came from the Gulf of Mexico during a military experiment, or military experiment, something like that. I don't know where it is my notes, but I think was a military experiment. Yeah. Or I keep saying experiments. Definitely not an experiment. Whatever. They were in whatever military saw it. 


Jesus Christ. So I think it's possible. It's possible It could be that 

That's cool. I like that theory.

Yeah. It's hard. Because we haven't we've never seen it since... anything like it. Maybe Tic Tac is close to or something. But yeah. So I don't know. It's really it's either that

I'd love for it to make an appearance again,

It would be cool. It would be cool. Like I said, I stated earlier, it could have just been a one off as in someone, someone, something visiting, unplanned and crashing, or because of what's going on at the time, as you alluded to in the beginning, with the USSR and all that. Maybe it's another case of, and I wouldn't put it past the government for doing this. Because what was going on at the time? They were making you look over here. Well, X, Y, and Z are happening over here, as you've talked about in the past, with some of that stuff. Could that be what was going on internationally all that cold war? Could it have been a recent actual crash sighting that maybe we'll get into later, some other day? That was, I think, 15 miles or something like that away from there. Happened roughly the same time and they just did this to draw attention to that and take it off of so that nobody would look question over there. Seeing as nobody ever talks about that other one. Really? Yeah, that's the one I was trying to remember. And I couldn't think is the whole magician tactic of look over here while I do this over here. 

Yeah, watch the hand while the other hand does the trick. 

Yes, sir. So that's my theory. No well, that's the possibilities. What I think it is is a some kind of alien craft that crashed. 

Yeah, for sure. 

And I don't know if it's a reptilian or a robotic drone. Craft, but that's what I think. What do you think?

I agree, I think it's some kind of craft and some kind of humanoid or at least drone. I don't, I don't know. Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. 

It's tough to know

Yes, you're right to say it's tough to know. But either way, I think that one's one of the better credibility, validity and legitimate ones. 

Richie thinks it's an alien. He got close and personal. 

He got real close and personal. 

Thank you, buddy. Poor guy, he's sad. That was a horrible bark. 

Lost on a promotion.

I died two days later. Well, with the lack of evidence, and only eyewitness testimonies, some may feel this is more of a ghost story than the actual alien sighting. Was the Flatwoods monster with the flat put ah. Was the Flatwoods Monster, a crashed alien spacecraft, a secret government project, or just simply a meteor and an owl sighting that was misinterpreted. Whatever it was, it is only surpassed by the Mothman in West Virginia lore. So that's our theories. And we're sticking to it. 

Yeah, we are 

Actually we're sticking to them because theories, plural. You know you got the meteor, you got the Mothman, not the Mothman, you don't got the Mothman. 

I can't wait to talk about Mothman 


That was aggressive.

We'll talk about him soon. Again, don't quote me on that. Someday we'll talk about it. Please throw us to the outro Maestro.

Ladies, Gentlemen, squatches, and barn owl finatics.

Fucking love them.

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YouTube, yeah. Well I was confused.

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You can't do it anyways. He's off visiting his buddy and Flatwoods. PEACE



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