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Ep 47: The Knights Templar

Ep 47: The Knights Templar

Lennon 00:00
Yeah, well they took the chastity oath not to fuck.

Josh 00:04
And they put a chastity belt on. That would cut their dick off if they did. It's like a little guillotine for your head

Lennon 00:16
We're going Squatch!

Josh 00:17
We're going Squatch bitches Welcome back. You made it. Thank you for joining us. I am Josh,

Lennon 00:39
I continue to be Lennon.

Josh 00:40
This is still don't touch my Sasquatch. We explore controversial topics with energy and a good laugh. We're two guys that have a love and passion for these topics. Things you may have heard of, but don't know the true story full story of yet. Or true story. All of it, oh, wow. We're here to tell you our story, those stories and our story. share our opinions and let you come to your own conclusions. We'll do the research so you don't have to always keep your mind open to the possibilities that things may not always be as they appear. Well today, we take a look at a group of warrior monks dressed in white mantle's with red crosses adorning their clothing, a group of righteous knights that's purpose started as protecting those on their pilgrimage to holy sites that later became greedy and prideful, garnering not garnering gaining power and wealth that may have ultimately sealed their demise. What happened to these honorable knights turned to mercenary warriors and the treasures they obtained. Well sit back, relax, put your chainmail on as we dive into the Knights Templar.

Lennon 01:49
Ooo, It's a history episode folks

Josh 01:51
It sure is, I signed off on this we're cool.

Lennon 01:54
It's a history one!

Josh 01:57
Better yet I chose out of the three.

Lennon 01:58
Much Too Much to his chagrin. It's not gonna be dry.

Josh 02:03

Lennon 02:03
It 's going to be a good one.

Josh 02:04
That's what I want.

Lennon 02:05
Perfect. Hey

Josh 02:08
Comedy baby,

Lennon 02:08
It's gonna be fantastic.

Josh 02:09
I'll just keep chiming in.

Lennon 02:12
Listeners, I showed some restraint. I could have wrote quite a bit on this history. Normal. But instead I only wrote 20 pages instead of 55. Kidding.

Josh 02:23
Yes, I have five.

Lennon 02:24
Just kidding. I didn't write that much. But

Josh 02:27
Actually, I have five I could add more.

Lennon 02:29
Yeah, but than you saw how many pages mine was.

Josh 02:31
We don't want a 700 hour episode. And being history episode. I figured you take the bulk of it because you love fucking history.

Lennon 02:41
I love history. I don't like making love to it. But yes.

Josh 02:45
No you love fucking historical?

Lennon 02:47
Historical bang Who would you go back?

Josh 02:50
I'm sorry. historical bang. Who would you go back? Are you saying like if I had chance to go back in time

Lennon 02:57
And have romantic relations with a historical figure..

Josh 02:59
Oh, historical bang. Now I understand what you're asking. Okay. I think we already answered this one, though. But maybe I didn't. Maybe we didn't

Lennon 03:07
No we probably did.

Josh 03:09
How far back come and go?

Lennon 03:10
But you said fucking history. So...

Josh 03:11
Fucking history. How far back can we go? Anything

Lennon 03:14
Dawn of the bang

Josh 03:16
Okay. Perfect. All right. All right. I got that. Let me think for a second. Who would you go back for?... Cleopata

Lennon 03:24
Apparently, Apparently, yes. Apparently she was gorgeous. Yeah.

Josh 03:29
That who you go back for?

Lennon 03:32

Josh 03:32
Okay. I would go back to probably the early 2000s. Scarlett Johansson.

Lennon 03:39
You bitch

Josh 03:42
Yeah, that's why I asked if there's any rules to this

Lennon 03:44
You bitch

Josh 03:46
Well, it doesn't have to be the early 2000s. Not that much older than me.

Lennon 03:49
Marilyn Monroe. She's in there.

Josh 03:50
She's in there too. There's a couple. Well, we got off the rails again

Lennon 03:50
A little bit, That's our that's our tagline. That's what we do. We're off the rails.

Josh 04:01
Exactly, it's about to be changed from Don't Touch my Sasquatch to Don't touch my off the rails. Dont go off the rails.

Lennon 04:08
The back on the rails podcast.

Josh 04:11
Back off the rails podcast. off the rails just cut it short

Lennon 04:15
Rail, and we brought it all back. Well, Knights Templar.

Josh 04:21
Tell me about it.

Lennon 04:22
Well, fans of the popular Assassin's Creed games may recognize the villainous group thorted throughout the ages as the Knights Templar

Josh 04:31
As well as national treasure brought them up the movie?

Lennon 04:35
Yes, yes, sir. As well as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Yes.

Josh 04:39
You got it. Yeah, melting faces and all.

Lennon 04:43

Josh 04:44
Ark of the Covenant.

Lennon 04:45
Yeah, Nope, Holy Grail.

Josh 04:48
They had that to the Ark of the Covenant. They had the Nazis that like fucking melted when they opened it.

Lennon 04:52
Yeah but there was no, was there Templar in it? No, because the Nazis just found the crate.

Josh 04:59
It's still part of the fucking Templar. Technically

Lennon 05:01
I guess, technically, if we're gonna get specific about it. And by the way, that was Raiders of the Lost Ark not the Last Crusade

Josh 05:10
I don't know my Indiana Jones that much, alright. Either way, there was a fucking Ark in there that melted faces

Lennon 05:15
Anyway, you're not wrong. Don't look at it.

Josh 05:17
There also was a nuclear bomb that apparently you can survive if you get into a refrigerator but we're gonna just gloss over Crystal Skull. Well in the Assassin's Creed games they're the villains throughout the entire series of games I know you don't play video games but I do but not those ones not those

Lennon 05:32
Yes, I played most of them. But anyway, their true origins though do not delve into world domination nor villainy instead Their purpose was to protect and to fight for their religion

Josh 05:48
Fight for their right to PARTY

Lennon 05:52
Party for god they said. They said, hashtag we get down for Jesus.

Josh 05:56
Absolutely, then we fight for him and then we take money for them and then we get greedy little bastards

Lennon 06:01
We don't keep the money for them. We make a bank for them. Spoilers. So notaple, notable, notable. Some notable appearances from the Swift military group were during one of the 16 crusades or the your God can suck it. This is my land wars. But where did this Justice League of Christians come from? How did they form and what was their bat signal? Well, folks, let's find out in... Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to build a pyramid, paint some paintings and start a revolution get ready for Lennon's history corner.

Josh 06:47
I'm done dancing. Oh, a couple years ago,

Lennon 06:48
Perfect. Dude, you manchurian candidated it. Well, the Christians had just recaptured the holy land from the Muslims during the First Crusade circa 1099

Josh 07:02
Wifey's out of the shower. Loud door open.

Lennon 07:04
Yeah, just a few Western European I didn't hear it.

Josh 07:08
It's okay. It's not gonna come through

Lennon 07:10
perfect. These new little. These new little things. He has issues. What I said sent pictures. Western European Christians began making pilgrimages to the newly captured Holy Land. That was the whole point of the Crusades. I don't know how much you know about this.

Josh 07:27
I'm about to learn.

Lennon 07:28
Well, the Crusades was just a back and forth of trying to get the holy land between the Muslims and the Christians

Josh 07:35
Got it.

Lennon 07:36
Thus the Crusades. Western Nope. However, for me.

Josh 07:44
Keep going, don't mind me giggling over here

Lennon 07:47
However, for many of these journeys, for many of them, these journeys would not be a peaceful track

Josh 07:54
Nope, for many of these journeys.

Lennon 07:58
While traveling through Muslim cities and lands, many of these Westerners were being robbed or killed. This continued for years until 1118. Yeah, they had the pew-pews. They were shooting fucking Star Wars, guns, those Muslims. Battles raging on these families driving... driving. Trecking across

Josh 08:22
They had guns. They have lasers, and they are driving cars. This is before the civilization crashed. And we have what we have today.

Lennon 08:31

Josh 08:33

Lennon 08:34
We're back on the rail. Oh man, for years this continued until the year 1118 When a French knight named. There's a funny story behind this guys name

Josh 08:44
Jacques Cousteau.

Lennon 08:45
No, that's a scuba diving guy. A guy named Hugues de Payens. Okay,

Josh 08:53
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hugues de payens

Lennon 08:56
De payens, created a military organization called the poor fellow soldiers of Christ in the Temple of Solomon.

Josh 09:04
Happy Easter love to you all from Florida.

Lennon 09:06
Oh, I got that too. Now, Hugues de Payens. Okay.

Josh 09:12
Yeah, huge pines. What about him?

Lennon 09:14
Yeah, Listen, yeah, I was doing my research. Okay. His name misspelled. H u g u e s.

Josh 09:21

Lennon 09:22
D e inbetween the day Yep. And then Paynes is p a y n e s

Josh 09:28
Well alright.

Lennon 09:30
Reading quickly skimming through I thought it said Hugues de Penis

Josh 09:35
Yes, he's he was so large that

Lennon 09:38
Sounds like

Josh 09:39
He was so large he had a his name was named after a Hugues de Penis. Penis huge apparently is the Frenchman had Italian accent Hugues de Penis

Lennon 09:52
So yeah, he created the poor fellow soldiers of Christ in the Temple of Solomon.

Josh 09:55
That's a hell of a name I hope they change it.

Lennon 09:58
I hope so. Spoiler alert, they do they do to the Knights Templar

Josh 10:04

Lennon 10:04
So huge penis created this military organization alongside eight others consisting of family and other fellow friends. On the topic of family. We're podcast

Josh 10:16
Come on guys stop texting every three seconds. I'm glad to turn your sound off. Bing, Bing, Bing

Lennon 10:26
Many of them will understand this joke Yeah, and they listen.

Josh 10:29
Happy Easter bitches

Lennon 10:30
Hugues de Penis

Josh 10:31
Happy Easter, Hugues de Penis. STOP IT!, We're gonna see you all very shortly. Alright. So, back on the rails.

Lennon 10:44
Yeah, so he created with eight fellow knights,

Josh 10:47
There was only nine to start

Lennon 10:49
Consisting of friends and family.

Josh 10:51
Hey, speaking of friends and family, friends. Oh, wait, where did that nevermind.

Lennon 10:55
Round it back around. The ruler of the city of Jerusalem. Baldwin II helped

Josh 11:06
Baldwin II not related to Alec or the other Baldwin's or are they?

Lennon 11:11
What's the other Baldwin?

Josh 11:12
I don't know, Steve, I think?

Lennon 11:15
I think so.

Josh 11:15
I think it's Steve Baldwin.

Lennon 11:17
I'm usually good. It's well, Baldwin II, Alec, helped them to their base of operations in the city's Temple Mount in the Temple of Solomon.

Josh 11:25

Lennon 11:26
Solomon. These brave warriors took an oath to their God into their western continental humans. That this on this day and all days following they shall protect their travelers and ward off the forces of evil In brightest day in Blackest Night. Just kidding

Josh 11:43
Oh, man I know that, that that saying?

Lennon 11:45
No evil shall escape my sight, let those who worship evils might, be where my power...

Josh 11:55
Green lanterns light.

Lennon 11:56

Josh 11:57
I knew it. I had to take a second. Take a second. Okay.

Lennon 11:59
I'm such a nerd

Josh 12:00
Well, listen, listen. You're good.

Lennon 12:03
Thank you. So yeah, they took an oath to protect these travelers on their travels of pilgrimages from Western Europe. Fucking perfect. Cue the knight montage. Riding in to save the day ready, helpless damsel in distress.

Josh 12:16
I've been ready, come on. I can only take so long

Lennon 12:20
Helpless damsel distress is being tormented by a group of armor clad tormentors when all hope is lost a group of knights all with their own distinct colored armor and personality show up I apologize for this. This took a minute. The leader sternly belts out a heroic call for surrender. The comedic one cracks a joke. The twins say something in unison, the tormentors push for a fight and get squashed immediately. How can I repay you she asks?

Josh 12:49
Take off your panties and give them to me

Lennon 12:51
All in a night's work he says a laugh is shared amongst all as they ride off for another adventure. So yeah that that I got to a point in my research and I'm like, here we go

Josh 13:04
It's happening. It's happening almost as

Lennon 13:07
I don't

Josh 13:08
What the fuck does that say?

Lennon 13:10
Oh, that's German

Josh 13:11
Ah that must be happy Eastern German

Lennon 13:13
That's what you think it actually says fuck off all the podcasting

Josh 13:21
Just just two guys. Phones literally blowing up for like, every millisecond I think.

Lennon 13:28
Well I think this is a group text between everybody in the entire family.

Josh 13:31
But the problem is, is we got to get laughed at, laughed at, laughed at, laughed at...

Lennon 13:34
Liked, hearted, liked hearted.

Josh 13:37
Comment, comment laugh, heart, like, like, Happy Easter Go, Ha hoo ha ha ha. You're on

Lennon 13:43
Anyway. So fast forwarding to 1129

Josh 13:50
We're there

Lennon 13:51
We finally made it the group much like Batman have critics as well as those who praise them. The support for these brave knights was bolstered after the group received and the endorsement from the coward

Josh 14:03
Howard Gordon. Commissioner Gordon. I meant say,

Lennon 14:06
It's James.

Josh 14:06
I know. I'm meant to say I'm getting distracted over here out of the corner of my eye.

Lennon 14:11
It's going on the airplane mode in about 2 seconds.

Josh 14:16
No, you can't because that means the camera will stop on me and I have 15 videos this time.

Lennon 14:21
That's a good point. Yeah, support for these brave knights was bolstered after the group received the endorsement from the Catholic Church. A French Abbot HEy Abbot

Josh 14:30
I endorse you, damned I cracked your joke.

Lennon 14:33
Cracked my joke?

Josh 14:34
Cracked it. Hey Abbot

Lennon 14:39
Thank you for taking it

Josh 14:42
That was Lennon's joke not mine.

Lennon 14:43
Wrote of these men in his text in praise of the new knighthood

Josh 14:47
Speaking of texts.

Lennon 14:47
He's French and English. I can't do French. We we, praise on the new knighthood.

Josh 14:54
What's the what's what does he say?

Lennon 14:57
He praised them. He wrote a text about them.

Josh 14:59
Oh, These knights are so beautiful. They are.

Lennon 15:03
It's called them praised at the new Knighthood. Do it. It was good.

Josh 15:05
Well, I need to have text but I'll try my best to do it off the top of my head. These knights, are so magnificent that they come in and they save this pilgrimage, pilgrims, going into the holy land. I switched accent

Lennon 15:18
I give up. Well in this he voiced his support for the group and the work they were doing. They were literally doing the Lord's work. I said the thing.

Josh 15:31
Oh, you did say the thing.

Lennon 15:33
This kind of publicity helps growth happen in an organization. So let's take time now together as a group and hop on our socials. Subscribe, follow, like, share with your friends do everything to support the DTScast. And us

Josh 15:48
Absolutely. This ad break is brought to you by Lennon's beard grooming coming soon. In about 2027

Lennon 15:55
That'd be dope. You know, I actually make my own beard products.

Josh 15:57
I know you've talked about this and you wanted to sell them but you haven't. So here's the perfect opportunity. I'm throwing you under the bus. Not under the bus. I'm throwing you in front of the bus. Now you gotta sink or swim bitch.

Lennon 16:08
Yes, sink or swim. I'm fucking thriving, I'm flying this bitch Listeners, comment or write in some names. What's What's some names the Don't Touch My Sasquatch Beard Company? That's one. Yeah, the Don't touch my Sasquatch beard. Inc. I don’t know.

Josh 16:28
Beautiful bearded Sasquatch,

Lennon 16:30
Ooo Sasquatch beards,

Josh 16:31
You can't call it doctor squatch

Lennon 16:33
Sasquatch mane.

Josh 16:33
That works mane as in like a mane not M A I N but M A N E

Lennon 16:39
I was thinking the state but okay.

Josh 16:41

Lennon 16:42

Josh 16:43
We live in Georgia

Lennon 16:44
If you havent rated and reviewed we will quickly we will pause quickly to allow you the opportunity. Doo doo doo this is over.

Josh 16:51
This is a over

Lennon 17:04
In 1139 The Knights Templar were given Avenger status by Pope Innocent the second.

Josh 17:07
His name was Innocent II?

Lennon 17:07
I said it was ironic that a Catholic Pope's name was Innocent. Sorry

Josh 17:13
Listen, listen. Not all are like that. But yeah, that is kind of weird.

Lennon 17:17
Due to a papal bull he issued the Templars were given special privileges which exempted them from paying taxes. That sounds they were allowed to build oratories anywhere

Josh 17:29
What is an oratory?

Lennon 17:30
A great question and answer to no one but Nick Fury. I mean, the Pope. Basically I think they can build like strongholds and houses oratories. Well ora, I believe it's tracing its roots back to some kind of vocalization. Like

Josh 17:49
It's a place of worship or a chapel.

Lennon 17:51
There we go.

Josh 17:52
There you go, I figured it out.

Lennon 17:53
So they can do that. They can build strongholds and stuff. Because it's super fancy pantsy. As the Templars grew they game. I'm not going to say

Josh 17:55
Why can't we just say chapel. Why do we got to be all fancy pantsy? Nope

Lennon 18:07
Nope. As the Templars grew, they became more organized and more solidified and having a rule system and garb. The Templars took an oath of chastity, discipline, and poverty.

Josh 18:19
Why do all these religious groups take chasity? Like, do they like punishing themselves? I will not have sex!

Lennon 18:26
Yeah, they always are doing that shit.

Josh 18:28
I don't get it. You shall suffer. Why?

Lennon 18:31
Hey, you know the thing that like,

Josh 18:33
Because if you believe in god, you need to suffer.

Lennon 18:34
You know, things like the natural instinct and the whole point of what opposite genders are supposed to do for their own race? Yeah, species.

Josh 18:43
Don't do it. Oops, sorry, guys.

Lennon 18:45
But I think it's more of a discipline thing to religion or to whatever organization.

Josh 18:48
Sure, I get discipline. Listen, okay. You can't eat meat for a short amount of time or whatever, but totally just cut out sex for the rest of your life. I don't get it. Don't you want these people to breed so that there's more holy people out there?

Lennon 18:54
One would think

Josh 19:05
Less like heathens like us.

Lennon 19:07
Exactly. heathens like us. Thank you. Um,

Josh 19:12
Mmmm that was like Yoda coming to agree with us. Go back

Lennon 19:16
Get the hell back in your hole

Josh 19:17
OK, Yeah, nope.

Lennon 19:24
I lost my place

Josh 19:25
I know that happens. I do it all the time. I just usually plow through by talking to you and making jokes and like, hey, there it is. He'll never know

Lennon 19:38
Orion sent me a Snapchat he was watching our video. And I, we obviously had this setup here. And I was talking to you and I was like, because joking. Like I had like all these cameras around me and it looked, I looked like an idiot.

Josh 19:53
You did that on the last one to that I just edited but I tried to edit it where it looked funny, though, because it did look funny. You're like ah Oh

Lennon 20:02
yeah, well, they took the chastity oath not to fuck.

Josh 20:06
And they put a chastity belt on. That would cut their dick off if they ever did. Like a little guillotine for your head That'll teach em

Lennon 20:19
That'll learn them well,

Josh 20:20
You can piss with that thing. But if it gets hard, you're fucked.

Lennon 20:24
They were very strict about their rules are getting in the second here. You will recognize these knights from history in Hollywood by their iconic armor down with a red cross over Red Cross, overtop of a white background. Whether it's white cloth on their right covering their armor, or it was white on their helmet, or white shield with red. Hey a pop filter, I didn't hear that.

Josh 20:49
It's okay. I spit everywhere. Yeah. You didn't hear me go

Lennon 20:54
Either a paint or cloth shields helmets and torsos were covered in this distinguishing marking of the order. Became fucking iconic. It's like the X Men from the comics where they actually had a normal uniform. You know what I mean?

Josh 21:07
No, I don't.

Lennon 21:08
All right. Well,

Josh 21:09
I like the yellow and gold.

Lennon 21:12
yellow and gold.

Josh 21:14
Gold and blue.

Lennon 21:16
Blue Gold. Same thing. easily confused.

Josh 21:19
It really is.

Lennon 21:20
Is the dress blue or gold?

Josh 21:21
I was just going to say that. It is green and orange.

Lennon 21:25
Out of left field with it. Great.

Josh 21:28
Oops. Gotta ss. You know, we're much sturdier so I figured I'd just punch to the table 20 times. So we get the earthquake cam.

Lennon 21:34
And now I can really throw the table around, showed who's boss

Josh 21:39
Kind of like, please proceed.

Lennon 21:43
That as I said they have many rules. I read through the rulebook that's linked in the notes below. You should read some of these sometime. I picked out some of the better ones.

Josh 21:54
I didn't know they had a rule book. Like it was a game.

Lennon 21:56
Oh, they had a rule book.

Josh 21:58
I though it was like laws or something. But

Lennon 22:00
Well, semantics. Okay. Potato, ice cream,

Josh 22:05
you may not pick up the knife if it falls on the ground, but your partner can pick up the knife and stab somebody else with it.

Lennon 22:11

Josh 22:11
And then you run to the endzone, Spike the knife somebody else pick it up and there'll be a scrum for it.

Lennon 22:18
Yeah I don't watch football. Definitely took me a minute until I heard endzone. I didn't know

Josh 22:22
It was actually kind of rugby esque. I don't fucking, I don't know

Lennon 22:24
All right, perfect. Hey if you pass it. On the other pass the knife on the other teams. Half of the battlefield. To a player on your, sorry, to a soldier on your team.

Josh 22:26
You cut the flag down

Lennon 22:39
Past their last soldier. That's called offsides. That's the offsides rule in soccer. But

Josh 22:45
if you go down cut their flag off. You just captured their flag. It's over.

Lennon 22:50
We just figured out war my God.

Josh 22:53
What the fuck? What kind of Easter conversation are we have? You saw that right?

Lennon 22:58
I just saw Trump in caps.

Josh 23:01
We had to bring Trump in this conversation. Oh my god. Anyways, Hey, you may meet me. How you doing? My name is Jim you're steak?

Lennon 23:06
Anyways, so here's some of the better of the rules. Some of the wild and out there wacky ones coming out some of them you may eat meat only three times a week. Wow you may meet me I you my buddy innocent. Fucking guilty as fuck. You may only eat meat but three times a week is this should be sufficient enough for you.

Josh 23:37
Yeah. Any faces being done or just from text messages?

Lennon 23:42
I'm not looking at, well this video is on my phone so I do when we look not at you guys

Josh 23:50
It's gonna be nice reaction cam later.

Lennon 23:52
Oh, yeah. Well, that now will stay in the audio because it's crucial for the video.

Josh 23:57
Really is, Isn't it?

Lennon 23:58
Sorry audio listeners.

Josh 23:59
Fuck you

Lennon 24:00
The knight.

Josh 24:03
Alright, Slob nob

Lennon 24:03
Pointed shoes and laces are forbidden. Can't have none of those pointed shoes. You look like a damn right fool.

Josh 24:10
So when we were doing the tux fitting yesterday for your wedding. Those pointed shoes were fucking, I looked at him like a like clown shoes. Very point. He's like, whoop

Lennon 24:20
Yeah, I didn't.

Josh 24:21
I felt very large.

Lennon 24:22
I don't know how I felt about those

Josh 24:24
Are those ones we're using?

Lennon 24:25

Josh 24:26

Lennon 24:26
Those were the only ones they had.

Josh 24:28
Gotcha. Well, I mean, it's okay. It's all right. It's cool. We can you know, if someone gets out of line, that thing's going right up the asshole

Lennon 24:39
The Knights. This is one the knights should avoid women at all cost.

Josh 24:45
They're the devil

Lennon 24:46
Less there womanliness tempt you out of chastity. You may not even surround yourself with female relatives, not in a sexual way. But because of their womanliness. You're still surrounding yourself by women. You may not even speak of women.

Josh 25:00
You don't even sniff em.

Lennon 25:01
So I guess that montage of them saving the damsel in distress probably didn't work.

Josh 25:05
It didn't. What?

Lennon 25:07
What happens then? They just, ride up, ah she's a she's a woman. We can't rescue her.

Josh 25:14
These lions are getting her fuck it.

Lennon 25:16
I can't do it

Josh 25:17
Hey what the fuck

Lennon 25:24
Knights require permission for almost every action. Almost literally everything that they do

Josh 25:29
Can Itake a shit, sir. No.

Lennon 25:31
No alright, I don't know who long this will work.

Josh 25:35
Hold up. The invention of the butt plug.

Lennon 25:39
No sleeping with the lights off a candle must be lit up. It lit up in the room that you... hmmm... lit to light up the room at night every night.

Josh 25:50
Oh, that'd be tough for me.

Lennon 25:51
Yeah, so you can't sleep in the dark. I think I was reading it was because of enemies. And also probably they didn't want each other touching each other.

Josh 26:01
Why they already touched each other. They couldn't fuck women so they fucked each other.

Lennon 26:04
That's also forbidden and the practice. More can be found only in the description. I said okay, so yeah, there is there was one rule I was reading in there. That when it said when wicked men they would be punished. Yeah, um, but the one I was reading it through it said if wicked men are found in a wicked house.

Josh 26:30
For audio listeners, because I'm a foreigner that was my mouth. I realized

Lennon 26:37
Just making fart noises.

Josh 26:40
My apologies, guys.

Lennon 26:41
So it said when wicked if a wicked man was found in a wicked house, so I'm assuming like a whorehouse? I said the thing. I'm gonna I'll own it. I said it. No, but

Josh 26:52
I've been there before.

Lennon 26:53
Oh. So I read that incorrectly. And I thought it said when I said I thought it said that the wicked men are sentenced to the wicked house and I was like, I was like, what's the Wooo, that sounds like a party? What's the wicked house? That sounds crazy. Guys are wild.

Josh 27:10
He takes an hour to research wicked house and either realize

Lennon 27:14
Read it wrong shit. But it was due to these rules that they became the distinguished feared military group History.. ians. Military group History remembers them to be the discipline and devotion they had only strengthen their skills in order.

Josh 27:31
(Audible yawn)

Lennon 27:31
It is a dry one, I guess folks. On the subject of order. The Templars had a very specific hierarchy system which gave organization to the group at the top was the granddaddy. Grandaddy? On the top was the granddaddy. He sits you on his lap. At the top was the Grandmaster the mack daddy in charge of it all.

Josh 27:54
I see why you said granddaddy now, you were going ahead of yourself

Lennon 27:58
Those position was permanent and only pass

Josh 28:00

Lennon 28:00
Grandmasters death or his retirement with permission. couldn't just be like, you know, guys, I'm done, I put my time in.

Josh 28:10
I'm about to die. Can I died? No. What the fuck?

Lennon 28:13
Yeah. You needed permission from Pope I think.

Josh 28:16
To die?

Lennon 28:17
No. Well, know you have my permission to die.

Josh 28:20
Thank you, sir. I know just for your own. Well, you kind of know this. I was yawning not because of you. But because we had about a six hour fucking dinner last night because, you know, service sucked.

Lennon 28:33
Fucking bullshit.

Josh 28:35
And then I had to talk on the phone for two hours and then I did my research. So it was a late night. That's why.

Lennon 28:40
That's okay. Anyway. Below the Grand Master is...

Josh 28:44
I will not blow the gland master.

Lennon 28:46
That's not your job.

Josh 28:48
Blow the grand master.

Lennon 28:49
It's this guy's job. The Master?

Josh 28:52
What's his name?

Lennon 28:53
The master head of local strongholds

Josh 28:56
His safe word is pineapple.

Lennon 28:57
Oh, it's a long one doesn't work. The Seneschal or grand commander is basically the number two to the master of that local stronghold.

Josh 29:07
Who does number two work for?

Lennon 29:09
He works for the master. The Turcopo... I had it. The Turcopolier is the person in charge of the sergeants in the late Calvary as we're working our way down.

Josh 29:20

Lennon 29:21
The marshal is in charge of arms and horses. The under marshal is in charge of other war goods. The standard bearer is in charge of Squiers

Josh 29:32
The standard Bear

Lennon 29:33

Josh 29:34
Oh, I they said the standard bearer. I was like oh, the hairy gay guy got it.

Lennon 29:38
Ahh bearer.

Josh 29:39
If you don't know that the term for a hairy gay guy. Big, burly, hairy, gay guy.

Lennon 29:45

Josh 29:45
I train a lot of gay clients. I know the terminology. I'm not sorry. I'm just telling you. I'm educating you.

Lennon 29:51

Josh 29:52
You, can proceed.

Lennon 29:54
Thank you. And finally we have the knight which is self explanatory. They made up what the Knights Templar actually are obviously, honor and a dream come true to be a knight in order to become a knight your father and grandfather must have been knights too. I've seen the Knight's Tale.

Josh 30:15
I love that knights tale

Lennon 30:15
It's such a fucking good movie. Anyway. The templar... sir Ulrich, Lichtenstein,

Josh 30:21
Von Lichtenstein.

Lennon 30:24
Ahh, you're right. Thank you, fuck. The Templar faught through all eight crusades

Josh 30:32
Hear me noble oh sorry.

Lennon 30:35
We're getting into it.

Josh 30:36
Just sit back I got this.

Lennon 30:39
The Templars fought through all eighty group, all eight crusades strengthening their military prowess in Europe. At the height of their power. The Knights Templar had a fleet of ships

Josh 30:49

Lennon 30:49
The whole island of Cyprus Two Formerly known as Atlantis, call back watch the Atlantis or Listen to the Atlantis episode, and even had a vast amount of wealth that again, they couldn't own individually.

Josh 31:01
That's a three don't mind the crookedness.

Lennon 31:04
They couldn't own individually. So instead, they set up a banking system and provided sizable loans to Western European monarchs and upper class houses.

Josh 31:11
Hooah, that's army, sorry

Lennon 31:14
What other type of wealth did they accumulate?

Josh 31:16
I don't know.

Lennon 31:17
Okay, fantastic

Josh 31:18
Back to you. Their fall

Lennon 31:19
In the eighth and final crusade

Josh 31:22
Well, the Templars treasure is what we're going to talk about. Eventually, the Templar acquired wealth and power about anything above anything that could have been predicted when they first came into be. Archaeologists believe that they would move their gold from numerous mining sites to their treasure towers using a network of tunnels. I originally put underground tunnels and I realized that's redundant underground and tunnels are kind of the same.

Lennon 31:47
That's what you think.

Josh 31:48

Lennon 31:49
You've clearly never been to my bunker.

Josh 31:50
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Your drink. I just wanted to get ya

Lennon 31:56

Josh 31:57
That's for the yawn part. Last last week. Still tastes like fish.

Lennon 32:01
Oh god, I don't know if something's wrong with it?

Josh 32:04
Why not two weeks in a row, your gonna start throwing up.

Lennon 32:08
God, it tastes so bad

Josh 32:09
If you don't know what happened? Watch Patreon episode you'll learn. Anyways, when the order of the Templar executed, execution went out by the French monarch in 1307. We'll get to that that's a little foreshadow. The Templar Nope. The members of the Knights Templar are said to have hidden vast treasures and priceless artifacts that have remained hidden and kept in by la. Kept by secret orders. Ooh, not in secret orders. Alright, now how long do I have to hold this for? There are many theories.

Lennon 32:43
I got that

Josh 32:44
There are many theories as to what and where these treasures are. According to legend, the treasure contains the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and the turin shroud, which is a piece of cloth which is said to have an impression of a man's face on it. And is generally assumed to have been the material in which Jesus's body was wrapped before being placed in the tomb after his crucification, crucifixion. I'm sorry, I made a word up.

Lennon 33:13
Oh, yeah, it's Easter. Hey, is that his birthday or when he died?

Josh 33:18
Yep. It says Death right before he was crucified he died on the crucifix remember?

Lennon 33:25
That true.

Josh 33:26
Yeah. Right before his death, and other priceless relics associated with Israelites and of the Old Testament. It is said that these relics have been handed down from generation to generation by secret societies ever since? Yeah, I fucked up.

Lennon 33:41
I didn't, I didn't say anything.

Josh 33:42
I can see ya.

Lennon 33:43
I can see. I'm watching. I got you for three minutes,

Josh 33:50
Three minutes of play time. Anyways, it is wisely believed Nah, no.

Lennon 33:58
Yoda thinks so.

Josh 34:01
It is widely believed that the Templar were tasked with defending the holy grail while occupying the Temple Mount.

Lennon 34:09
Yeah, I've seen the Last Crusade.

Josh 34:11
Yeah, one story by Gerard De or De Villiers

Lennon 34:19
Hugues de penis.

Josh 34:21
His name is Gerard De Villiers.

Lennon 34:24

Josh 34:25
He was a preceptor, Oh yeah, he was a preceptor of France highest ranked officer to be documented, documented as having escaped the prosecution of King Philip IV. Is that four is that six I always get confused in my roman numerals.

Lennon 34:40
If it's before it's subtract four if it's after it's plus.

Josh 34:44
Alright so King Philip the fourth. He states that he had been tipped off no not he it has been stated that he has been just I'm sorry, rewind.

Lennon 34:56
Your brother in law's a four.

Josh 34:58
He is a four and

Lennon 35:00
Saying you didn't know that?

Josh 35:02
Your uncle's a four. I don't see the Roman numeral.

Lennon 35:06

Josh 35:07
Roman numerals.

Lennon 35:08
It's my that's his name and my phone.

Josh 35:11
Really well whatever, anyways, it stated shout out that he had been tipped off about the imminent arrests. He then oversee the transportation of 50 Horses carrying goods out of Paris before setting sail with 18 Extant, extant. Okay, a low flat ship with one or more sales and up to three banks of oars chiefly used for where warfare trade or piracy sorry

Lennon 35:41

Josh 35:41
Fucking, I was extant

Lennon 35:44
A it's all good, it's pretty dope. It's called extant?

Josh 35:47
The destination for these ships has been debated for generations. I already looked it. I just read the

Lennon 35:52
I'm looking to see what the ship looks like I enjoy ships

Josh 35:56
No, no, no you're not allowed. Ship facts about shit. No flip that reverse it. So what happened to these expensive treasures after the order of for the Templar execution one out? Well, Lennon's gonna get into that. Kidding, I'm not done. There have been numerous discoveries in North America with some historical relics and finding. That was not a pause Josh.

Lennon 35:59
That's okay.

Josh 36:15
Some historical relics and findings dating back to the Vikings. These findings have led some to conclude that the Templar may have sailed to and settled in North America. One theory goes that the Earl of Oconee Orkney, Orkney, sorry, in Scotland, Henry Sinclair, is believed to have led the voyage to Greenland and North America in Century, not in centuries, a century before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. Sinclair is believed to have been associated with the Templars. And is said that he came into possession of some of their treasure, which may have included information about lost continents across the western sea. Like they knew about the continents. So it wasn't the New World Columbus, sorry, you fucking murdering rapist piece of shit.

Lennon 37:18
We're talking about Sinclair

Josh 37:19
No, I said to say

Lennon 37:20
because somewhere Graham was like, I know that one.

Josh 37:23
Columbus calm down. Mom. This theory also... just

Lennon 37:28
Fuck Columbus,

Josh 37:29
this Siri, Siri,

Lennon 37:31
Hey, Siri,

Josh 37:32
I don't even have a Siri. This theory I'll suggest the Sinclair built Roslyn chapel in Scotland. And that is covered in Templar symbolism. That is where they believe the Holy Grail may be hidden, somewhere near or beneath the chapel famously written about in the best selling novel,

Lennon 37:53
The Davinci Code

Josh 37:54
by Dan Brown. Nice job. Thank you. I'm so proud of you. Here. Another theory comes from the Freemasons who in the 18th century, claimed to be the successors to a long line of individuals to have secret knowledge of the holy grail that had been passed down to them from the light from the time of the Templar.

Lennon 38:14
Jay-Z also has secret knowledge of the Holy Grail,

Josh 38:18
Does he?

Lennon 38:19

Josh 38:20
Yeah, holy grail. Is his rap song.

Lennon 38:23
Yeah, so was he goes Holy Grail.

Josh 38:28
I don't know off top my head but Hugh Joseph Schonfield, a 12th century 12th century biblical scholar suggests that the Templars discovered a copy of the copper scroll, one of the texts found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. In the 12th century, and the tunnel beneath the Temple Mount. As a result, a map was produced in the Holy Land showing where a great amount of treasure from the Second Temple was believed to have been hidden before it was destroyed by the Romans. The theory is based on actual documentation, actual documentary evidence, which remains today from the Dead Sea Scrolls. So it's plausible that there is a hidden treasures. Excellent.

Lennon 39:17
That's fucking dope

Josh 39:17
But there's no shortage of theories as to where the Templar treasure is hidden. We touched on a little bit here I touched on a little bit here, didn't get deep into it, because we only have an hour episode guys, that's probably gonna be pushed to an hour and a half. And to the exact, I didn't finish the understanding, and to what exactly is in those treasures, one thing seems to be certain though. They seem to have accumulated immense, impressive amounts of gold, silver and other precious artifacts. The significance of their collection is so great that some scholars have speculated the treasure may be the reason for their downfall, Well, let's talk about the downfall.

Lennon 39:59
Let's talk about For the Templars here, folks,

Josh 40:01
yeah, you turned fucking Minnesotan. Let's talk about the fall. I can't even do it. Folks.

Lennon 40:08
You got some cheese guards.

Josh 40:11
Don't you know

Lennon 40:12
Just fucking yelling at this point.

Josh 40:15
That's, that's kind of our thing.

Lennon 40:16
That's our thing.

Josh 40:17
We just yell.

Lennon 40:18
Well, the eighth and final crusade ended in 1272

Josh 40:22
What about the ninth crusade?

Lennon 40:23
Well, that's called The Last Crusade. Indiana Jones fought in that one. The eighth and final. We got a lot of Indian this one, the eighth and final crusade and somebody

Josh 40:36
Dammit, that's Jurrasic Park. Fuck me, I started doing the Jurassic Park theme Oh shit. You're gonna listen back to that and then realize that Yes, yes he did.

Lennon 40:50
Different Steven Spielberg vehicle. Right? Spielberg did Jurassic? The eighth and final crusade ended in 1272. For the fifth time, in the fall of Acre was in 1291

Josh 41:03
Whoe acre?

Lennon 41:04
Acre was the man who created measuring. That's a joke.

Josh 41:10
Okay, there's an acre I know it's a joke.

Lennon 41:12
No, it's a town. I believe town could be a temple, but it's a place.

Josh 41:17
It's a location.

Lennon 41:18
It's like it's not like Asgard. Asgard is not a place it's a people. The Muslims with those two falls, the Muslims regain control of the holy land. And an end was brought to the Western Crusaders. Support for these holy wars by Westerners was diminishing by the end. And the Templars were in search of a new home base thanks to the loss of Jerusalem, acre, Tortosa, Limassol and Cyprus, which is the island that they fucking owned.

Josh 41:45
And Tortuga

Lennon 41:46
And the island of Tortuga, no. The island of Arward by the Egyptians this time not by them not that not by the Muslims. Walk like an Egyptian, he was doing an Egyptian

Josh 41:58
I was, I tried to do my my reaction cam but I didn't fit. I had to go like this.

Lennon 42:06
Well, a lot of times when I'm editing through them, like I'm laughing at you doing something but I don't know what the hell you're doing.

Josh 42:11
You have to watch the video

Lennon 42:12
Exactly. The Templars had around by this time. The Templars had around 870 houses and castles spread out across Europe. Yeah. Meaning their banking network spanned many many many miles. They still also had that special status of not adhering to local laws, which basically made which made their power stronger and they could basically operate as their own individual state guard ever that was

Josh 42:38
It was the BDS law

Lennon 42:40
I'm listening, what is it called?

Josh 42:42
Big Dick Stick Law, big damn stick law Okay, said Dick and I must say Damn, big damn schlong long

Lennon 42:50
All right. Yeah the fucking had It

Josh 42:54
They sure did except for the ones that tried to fuck and they had their heads cut off

Lennon 42:57

Josh 42:58
Not the top head. The bottom head

Lennon 43:01
Dangerous their financial

Josh 43:03
Let's get dangerous. Darkwing Duck, let's get dangerous

Lennon 43:13
This power the had to operate without local laws made it pretty dangerous literally. A lot of people started to fear their power because they had to answer to no one but the pope anywhere they were. So, their financial institution was utilized by the likes of Henry the third through use the crowns the crown jewels as a security on a loan. Or our buddy Baldwin the second Baldwin the first this is Baldwin the second are all other buddy of Constantinople who used a relic of the True Cross as security for a loan. Many people were using them for banking. But without a war to fight. That's all they really had left causing them to lose the people support. Congruently another militant group had been fighting through Europe during these times called the Knights Hospitallers.

Josh 44:08
Yeah, couldn't say that word

Lennon 44:09

Josh 44:10
Hospitallers, they put people in the hospital

Lennon 44:12
These group of traveling nurses.

Josh 44:16
They usually do doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

Lennon 44:20
They're a nursing and what the fucks that called? What's Pitch Perfect, what are those acapella

Josh 44:27
Fuck if I know never seen it?

Lennon 44:30
Kourtni made me watch it one time.

Josh 44:31
I would. I mean, I would watch it for that one actress

Lennon 44:34
Anna Kendrick, a Rebel Wilson,

Josh 44:36
Anna Kendrick. Anna Kendrick.

Lennon 44:38
Fucked up of you

Josh 44:40
No, I love her personality.

Lennon 44:43
These two groups are rival

Josh 44:44
I actually do I love her? She's so hilarious.

Lennon 44:46
She's funny. She gets hit with the burrito, "I've been shot". I remember Kourtni crying laughing

Josh 44:51
Oh, what? Is that in the movie?

Lennon 44:53
Yeah, the rival group drives by and throws a burrito at her. And as the drive by and explodes it no She goes "I've been shot" and like slowly falls down. It's kinda funny.

Josh 45:03
It sounds like you can like this movie. It's okay.

Lennon 45:08
The blonde actress. Anyway

Josh 45:10
I like a lot of Ryan Reynolds movies and most of his are like fucking romance comedy so

Lennon 45:13
Yeah, but you like that for Ryan Reynolds? You think he's

Josh 45:18
Fucking sexy dude. I wish I looked like him. I want to be, I want to be handsome too.

Lennon 45:22
Some, some rom coms are okay.

Josh 45:24
Yeah, most of them are with Ryan Reynolds.

Lennon 45:27
What's that one with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler? Just go with it. That's a decent one.

Josh 45:32
I've never seen that one. The one I've seen is the shit. What the hell they call date night. I think it's called or something with them. Or they go and get caught up in this fucking

Lennon 45:44
That's Steve Carell and Tina Fey.

Josh 45:46
Nope, yeah well date night is yes. It's a Netflix.

Lennon 45:48
That's what you said.

Josh 45:49
I know, I misspoke

Lennon 45:51
Murder Mystery

Josh 45:52
Thank you. There's actually a murder mystery two I think with... You rang? There was a door that creaked open

Lennon 46:04
Slowly menacingly.

Josh 46:07
Please, let's get back on the rails.

Lennon 46:08
Anyway, the Knights Hospitallers are the other group. These two groups were rivals, yeah. These two groups are rivals and they did not like each other. But this did not stop Pope Clement the fifth from attempting to merge the two groups together in 1305. He wanted to bring those two together.

Josh 46:31
I understood what bring them together. Thank you for the clap.

Lennon 46:35
You said merge them questioning, inquisitivly

Josh 46:40
I was adding

Lennon 46:41
Speaking of inquisitiving. We're talking about Spanish Inquisition on another history Episode.

Josh 46:45
Are you drunk?

Lennon 46:52
Topic for a future history episode.

Josh 46:54
Is it? We have history episodes now?

Lennon 46:56
Yeah, this one

Josh 46:56
When the fuck did that happened?

Lennon 46:58
Since I started it today. This is amazing. 1305 tried to bring them together. So Pope Clement the fifth arranged a meeting between the two heads of the groups Templar Grandmaster Jacques De Molay. Mala, Mala.

Josh 47:14
I've heard of this guy,

Lennon 47:15
Jacques De Molay, and hospitalar Grandmaster Fulk de Villaret.

Josh 47:21
Fuck, that guy.

Lennon 47:22
Yeah, fulk, that guy, am I right? While awaiting the arrival of Villa Rey De Molay.

Josh 47:28
Oh, my God

Lennon 47:29
Was discussing the pope with terrible discussing with the Pope some terrible rumors that have been spread around by the ex Templars member. He was going around, he's like, hey, they do this. They do this just just, guess what they do that so spread around some shitty rumors about them. So, these butts, these such rumors had found their way into the ears of one King Philip the fourth of France,

Josh 47:52
That motherfucker.

Lennon 47:53
So the Malay Mala Mala was talking to the Pope, and he asked him if he would, you know, maybe conduct an investigation into these rumors, and because he said there was no truth to them. They were scandalous and horrifying. Or, I don't know horrible rumors to them. So he asked the pope if he could investigate this stuff, so maybe we could squash it out because it's kind of tainting their name. I said taint.

Josh 48:11
Horrific rumors. You sure did. Talk my dick and taints What are we talk about Jesus Christ,

Lennon 48:26
The Pope decided he will conduct a

Josh 48:27
Hold on, balls. There we go hit it all. The whole unit

Lennon 48:31
The Pope decided he will conduct an investigation into any truth behind these these rumors and tapped King Philip's shoulder for aid in the investigation. But Philip said, Yeah, nah. How about we just get them arrested instead?

Josh 48:45
That was the correct answer.

Lennon 48:46
That was incredible timing.

Josh 48:50
I didn't realize that was over there.

Lennon 48:51
Whether it was because he owed the money and saw an opportunity not to pay or because he, like many other in Europe feared the power that they were given as a giant military who anwsered only to the Pope.

Josh 49:02
I'm gonna say it's for the money,

Lennon 49:03
But nevertheless, he was he decided that end must be brought to them.

Josh 49:06
Yeah, I don't pay these guys back. Let's kill him.

Lennon 49:09
Yeah, so he took these rumors as what's the word bait, not bait. I don't know.

Josh 49:15

Lennon 49:16
Gospel that get in line and you touch me foot?

Josh 49:21
I'm sorry, lennon

Lennon 49:22
Um, he took these. He took these rumors as truth even and didn't care to investigate it because he saw an opportunity and seize it.

Josh 49:33
To save his money. Got it.

Lennon 49:34
So on Friday, October 13th 1307. On Friday the 13th. And he ordered De Molay to be arrested along with the knight with any knights in the Paris temple. De Molah,

Josh 49:47
Mala Mala Mala.

Lennon 49:49
His order stated

Josh 49:50

Lennon 49:51
His order stated mole. His order stated. Arrest order. Thank you. Yeah, stay The state of God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in thekingdom.

Josh 50:04
Yeah, he spoke to me.

Lennon 50:07
More rumors began to circulate of the order of such things as financial Corruption, fraud. Adultery by worship of false idols. Yeah, and homosexuality.

Josh 50:17
Oh, Suzanna

Lennon 50:20
That's the big one. They didn't like that, that

Josh 50:24
They didn't like that! You take away, the vagina for the men and they're gonna find a hole to fuck

Lennon 50:33
I guess so. The captured Templars confessed these claims under torture, but to them it was still a confession. So Pope Clemente issued a papal bull telling Christian monitor.

Josh 50:44
I thought you said a paper bowl. Heres a paper bowl.

Lennon 50:49
Here's a paper bowl for everybody.

Josh 50:51
You could put keys in there, what the fuck are keys?

Lennon 50:55
Romans had housekeys

Josh 50:57
They sure did.

Lennon 50:57
They were pretty wild.

Josh 50:58
Yeah, What are they are they tell me

Lennon 51:02
They were like a key for their house. It was cool they had shit like that. So Clemente issued a papal bull telling Christian monarchs... Paper Bowl... telling Christian monarchs in Europe to arrest Templars within their cities and take their holdings

Josh 51:23
This is all we get a fucking paper bowl

Lennon 51:25
All this work for paper bowl? I can make a paper bowl. Fuck I can make a wooden bowl it'll last longer.

Josh 51:32
I'll make a stone bowl

Lennon 51:33
Anytime I put soup in this paper bowl it disintegrates

Josh 51:39
The church does not like that. Don't pick on the paper bowl

Lennon 51:43
There out there handing out paper bowl.

Josh 51:45
Oh my god they swarmed me like a goddamn Hornet nasty. That was ridiculous. Just driving and i go Oh, shit. They're just gonna cross the road. All right.

Lennon 51:53
They don't fucking care.

Josh 51:55
I guess I'll just go see myself out the door.

Lennon 51:57
They don't care. De molah and many other Templars cross Europe that were captured refuse to confesset, with no tea at the end. And were burned at the stake on that Ile des Javiaux in the Seine. Hopefully I said all that right. I ain't, I ain't done the French word. So they were burned at the stake. As you said a bunch of them maybe got their heads cut off, but a lot of them were killed and arrested. The Pope wanted to conduct more investigations into the Templars before really snuffing them out. But King Philip threatened military action against the church if they don't put it into the Templars immediately. He said now they can get fucked. And I'll fucking I'll hit you. If you don't keep it up.

Josh 52:38
It's like a little brother or a big brother yelling a little brother except this case it's a little brother yelling at a big brother at the time.

Lennon 52:44
Exactly. So in 1312 The pope issued a series more of paper bowls, Papal bull, which officially which would officially dissolve the Knights Templar and

Josh 52:55
I see what you did there. The paper bowl dissolved. Templar

Lennon 52:59
Dissolve the Knights Templar in turn over most of their Templar assets to the Knights Hospitallers. Take it away the Knights Templars. the Templar

Josh 53:11
Knights Hospitaller Never heard of this group until we did the research.

Lennon 53:15
Well, they got, they got most of their shit from the Templars afterwards.

Josh 53:18
Not everything.

Lennon 53:19
Not everything, treasure island of Cyprus.

Josh 53:24
I look at the right camera this time like the right spot on my phone this time. So we don't look like we're looking over here.

Lennon 53:29
Yeah, definitely didn't this whole time. Now I am, now i'm not, now I am, now I'm not. The Templars who survived Thank you, or remained after this mostly either got thrown into the mix of whatever military was near them, or retired and faded from history.

Josh 53:46
Get fucked.

Lennon 53:46
Get fucked. Now. Lots of noises. Now, in Portugal, this may not have been the end of the Templars though. In Portugal 1319, the order was rebranded as the order of Christ after King Dinis

Josh 54:04
I thought you were gonna say dick. It's probably Dennis.

Lennon 54:08
King Dennis, it's D I N I S.

Josh 54:14

Lennon 54:17
After King dinis did not support the witch hunt that was done to them prior as they aided Portugal after the Crusades, so he helped to rebrand them in Portugal at least. And then fast forward in many, many years. In 1789, the order was secularized by Queen Maria the first which still exists today as the Military Order of Christ.

Josh 54:40
Oh Christ.

Lennon 54:43
Their military order. So yeah. That's the downfall of the Templars and where they may be today. Now some of them as you said, Freemasons said that they may have roots tracing back to them right. So... There's... Dinis, I was right. Thank you.

Josh 55:05
Yeah, your Denise was close to Dinis.

Lennon 55:08
I said, Dinis. I said Denise.

Josh 55:12
It's okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Lennon 55:17
Your eyes went really cross eyed on that one

Josh 55:22
Back to me. Templars mysteries. There's a couple. I did a couple. One of them is their extinction. Oh, it's like the dinosaurs.

Lennon 55:32
Oh, a meteor came down

Josh 55:35
Just on their little pebbles

Lennon 55:38
Just a meteor shower

Josh 55:39
Jesus? Why are you pun.. oh, dead. History records

Lennon 55:51
Yeah it does. What's it record?

Josh 55:55
History records?

Lennon 55:57
Fucking English.

Josh 56:00
Tell me about it's having trouble right now. History shows that all Templars were arrested on Friday the 13th Not according to your account. So whatever. However, there were 3000 estimated Templars at th time. And we only know that the fate of around 600 of them according records do not record what happened to the rest of them. And even some who were captured have question marks against their fate. That was a good mystery, but kind of a solved when you talked about the rest of it. You know, so fuck that mystery. Let's go what's hidden beneath Roswell chapel?

Lennon 56:44
Roswell. It's an alien craft. I've seen this one before

Josh 56:48
Roslyn chapel. Earlier stated by me that they Yes.

Lennon 56:55
Yeah, the police officer that was helping him throughout the whole movie and book. She's actually a descendant of Mary Magdalene. She found out at the bottom of Roslyn chapel.

Josh 57:03
Absolutely. And then they got the treasurer

Lennon 57:07
No, that she was the treasurer

Josh 57:10
she was the treasurer

Lennon 57:11
She had the bloodline.

Josh 57:14
What movies is this?

Lennon 57:16
The Davinci Code.

Josh 57:17
That's why Okay. I was like, I don't remember this from national treasure, so it must be one I haven't really seen. That's talking about beneath Roslyn Chapel. There is no location. That's it, I'm done.

Lennon 57:32

Josh 57:33
There's no location that is tied to Templar lore more than that of Rosslyn Chapel, located in Midlothian, Scotland. Hope I got that right. Roslyn chapel once called Collegiate Church of St. Matthews is best known for its incredible stone carvings and myth, mystical symbols

Lennon 57:54
And mythasours

Josh 57:55
Mythasours, mystical symbols also. The fuck is going on out there?

Lennon 58:02
My dogs like I really love history. I'm gonna run around. I got stuff to say. He's a dick

Josh 58:14
Most of the stories about Roslyn Chapel, come from the Sinclair family's ties to the Templars, and a work written by Father Richard Hay, Hay in the 1700s, who had access to the Sinclair family papers in his writings he tells of supposed secrets within the chapel. Sorry, my hat was like in my eye.

Lennon 58:37
Fucking Bobcat Goldthwait go away. Sorry. It's okay. Wait a minute. We may have descended ancestry into the Knights Templar.

Josh 58:52
Possibly? Could it be? Sinclair family

Lennon 58:55
We'll have to ask Grandma.

Josh 58:56
We'll find out if she listened to this episode.

Lennon 58:58
We'll get the text.

Josh 59:02
Anyways, in his writings, he tells of suppose secrets within the chapel, hidden vaults, and a network of tunnels beneath that, beneath it that led to the temporary resting place of 12 knights. I don't know who the special knights are, because there was nine original knights. But there's 12 knights here. Is there any significance to 12 knights in, your lore? No, not that I found out. I was just I was just questioning

Lennon 59:31
I mean, who knows that nine may have grown by three.

Josh 59:34
Is it possible?

Lennon 59:35
It could be

Josh 59:36
Okay. So in 2010, the Glasgow School of Art in 2010, the Glasgow School of Arts an Historic Scotland. Dammit, that's probably in the end. The school? Nope. I pulled a Lennon again. I'm gonna just restart. In 2010, the Glasgow School of Arts, an historical scholar initiated a project that should solve all the mysteries of the Roslyn chapel for good by surveying the entire site with 3d scanners.

Lennon 1:00:09
Okay, lidar.

Josh 1:00:10
Yeah, the school scan showed a vault sitting beneath the chapel that was likely built in the 1800s late 18oo's there were no knights tombs inside but one of the erl's of Roslyn tomb was he was burd that, burd. He was burd. He was buried there in 1937. So that solves that mystery, right? WELLL

Lennon 1:00:37

Josh 1:00:38
One of the researchers stated that the results of the scan done by the US Navy did go underground. They said that the results from the scan showed a series of tunnels snaking along underground that led away from the chapel

Lennon 1:00:52
That's dope. Dude tunnels and like underground,

Josh 1:00:55
I want to find a hidden passage

Lennon 1:00:58
Shit's so cool.

Josh 1:00:59
Seriously, I want to find a hidden passage way Can we go to is it France? That has all those hidden like hidden city underneath it? Yeah, that's France right?

Lennon 1:01:07
The catacombs with all the skulls.

Josh 1:01:09
Yeah, I'm gonna go fucking do it. Let's do it.

Lennon 1:01:12
Um, when we went on our investigation we went down that super long tunnel that connected to buildings that were so fucking dope. That's what I'm saying. Like those tunnels are cool as fuck.

Josh 1:01:22
Oh, should do not investigation. Sometime

Lennon 1:01:24
We should, as a middle schooler, maybe a little bit high school. When I played Minecraft, I used to build these giant things in different points in the map but I'd connect them with underground tunnels because those dope

Josh 1:01:35
I've never played Minecraft. What's the point?

Lennon 1:01:38
You build shit? Okay. Okay. Used to build some cool shit.

Josh 1:01:42
Building shit is fun.

Lennon 1:01:43
Yeah, like stadiums castles, cities, underground tunnels.

Josh 1:01:47
And tulips. I love tulips. Absolutely, and beef wagyu steak. So there might be some more shit underneath there. That's as far as their scan went. They saw some tunnels that lead away from the chapel.

Lennon 1:02:02
They said I don't know. Maybe

Josh 1:02:05
They probably couldn't get permission to dig so what are you supposed to do?

Lennon 1:02:07
Probably, Yeah, because they were like,

Josh 1:02:09
but this chapel was in immaculate in immaculate condition. And it was like, I don't know why didn't write this but it had like, towers and shit surrounding it to protect it. There's a pretty badass fucking... nah, nah, I didn't talk about it. Because guess what? The skulls of the Templars.

Lennon 1:02:35

Josh 1:02:36
High up in the mountains of France. In the extreme in an extremely remote location. There's this area called Luz, L U Z, Luz. I think it was called. Here. There's one of the most well preserved Templar churches in the world close to the castle of sant, Motherfucker not Santa Clause.

Lennon 1:02:58
Santa Monica.

Josh 1:02:59
Close to the castle of St. Maria's that is now in ruins. The church is surrounded by crenulated walls, several towers, ramparts and gateways. That thing was fortified to the max. They were not fucking around.

Lennon 1:03:17
That's pretty cool.

Josh 1:03:19
That was the church I was talking about. So in this church, the church of Gavarnie, Gavarnie, Yeah. Okay. Wooo,

Lennon 1:03:28
That's what it's actually called?

Josh 1:03:31
This church the church of Gavarnie G A V A R N I E for you to look up. Pretty sure that's two Rs and not a N hold on.

Lennon 1:03:46

Josh 1:03:47
Ah, G A V A R N I E. Gavarnie Gavarnie. All right. That's ad break. Yeah, baby.

Lennon 1:04:01
I didn't get to it yet

Josh 1:04:03
In this church, the church of Gavarnie. There are 12 human skulls that have that are said to belong to that of the Templars, who had been living at this church on the order of the Templar execution one out there are no names, no bodies and no information to be found except for the legend. It is said that every year the spirit of Grandmaster De Molay enters the church and ask if there is anyone there who is willing to fight for the Order of the Temple. One by one, each of the skulls answer no, or none, the temple is destroyed.

Lennon 1:04:41
The temple is destroyed

Josh 1:04:42
Temple is destroyed. I don't know if they

Lennon 1:04:47
Did you say the spirit of De Molay?

Josh 1:04:50
Grandmaster de Molay

Lennon 1:04:52
It's weird that it's not Hugues de Penis.

Josh 1:04:55
Well, DeMolay was the last one to be the

Lennon 1:04:58
Yeah but Hugues de Payens was their creator. I don't know, just either way it's cool.

Josh 1:05:05
Why are you quizzing me on this? I don't fucking know.

Lennon 1:05:07
It's your fucking fault. No, these skulls, it's cool these skulls talk.

Josh 1:05:11
I know right? I want to go. I want to go ask them the question.

Lennon 1:05:15
Pretty cool.

Josh 1:05:17
Is there anyone here who is willing to fight for the Order of the Temple?

Lennon 1:05:21
No. How about the order of the Squatch?

Josh 1:05:23

Lennon 1:05:23
YEAH, You're coming with em, you're coming with me.

Josh 1:05:31
Hello. Hi. How are you? Oh

Lennon 1:05:38
Look, they really talk.

Josh 1:05:40
What the fuck are you guys doing? They said they were coming with us. We're coming

Lennon 1:05:46
Why's it okay when you say they talk but not when I

Josh 1:05:52
Goods lord. So yeah, that is just a couple little things I

Lennon 1:05:59
Dope. Well, that's the Knights Templar. They're fucking pretty badass. When they were

Josh 1:06:05
Oh, and a Oak Island. Yeah, yeah, but if you want to learn about Oak Island go to another fucking podcast that's over done.

Lennon 1:06:12
Fuck Oak Islands pretty fun. It gets a bad rap. because it's the same thing every week. But God damn if it's not just interesting. It's

Josh 1:06:22
The theory and everything is interesting but the shows not that interesting,

Lennon 1:06:26
Listen, when I when I pitched the show to my dad to watch it. I said, this show is fantastic to watch in the background while you do something where you can just say, Hey, that sounds interesting right now turn and look at the TV, watch it and then turn away. But yeah, there's some interesting stuff in there.

Josh 1:06:44
So I did see a couple episodes. One of them. There's some kind of passageway between the sea or something that a boat was stuck in and blah, blah, blah. So in all the stories we have,

Lennon 1:06:54
It never came up.

Josh 1:06:56
No, the 50 ships or the 50 ships. The 18 ships that he took and they don't know where it went. Some theorize that they went to Scotland to help. I forgot the name, but when of Oregon's English. They think someone over to Nova Scotia. Oak Island. So maybe that was one of the ships. It's an old ass ship though. So things that make you say Hmmm.

Lennon 1:07:24
Not much enthusiasm on that one.

Josh 1:07:26
Things that make you save HMMMM. Is that better? I didn't feel it because my voice went...

Lennon 1:07:30
Better I was feeling it this morning guys.

Josh 1:07:34
Let's think about some final thoughts though.

Lennon 1:07:36
Our final thoughts.

Josh 1:07:38
I didn't know how to segue into that. So professional segue their

Lennon 1:07:41

Josh 1:07:47
We presented the facts. It's time now to examine the evidence and give our theories So pull up a chair for our final thoughts. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha sciece. Balls and wieners

Lennon 1:08:06
Tail end of that conversation.

Josh 1:08:08
All right, as always, being my Dojo. Lennon, please. You first.

Lennon 1:08:14
Such a comedic fella.

Josh 1:08:16
I sure am

Lennon 1:08:17
I would never watch a comedy show if you talked like that. So my final thoughts

Josh 1:08:24
Yeah, Templars

Lennon 1:08:25
Hey, cool shit. Crusades, a lot of them. Not as cool. Back forth back and forth back and forth. Templars were pretty dope out of it though. They were very very good military fighters, which helped them integrate into other militaries later on. Yeah, history. This was more informative than question quizzical but

Josh 1:08:54
Okay, well, their treasures still a mystery.

Lennon 1:08:56
Yeah, there's no doubt that they didn't hide shit. I mean, people had shit throughout history.

Josh 1:09:00
Right But how come is still not found is that because the churches are so historically

Lennon 1:09:05
lok there's miles and miles and miles miles miles Vatican archives, archives, archives, anchovies and archives?

Josh 1:09:13
And pepperoni, don't forget the pepperoni

Lennon 1:09:14
And pepperoni, I love pepperoni. They probably know shit. If not, then it was just lost to history. Or it's all on Oak Island.

Josh 1:09:29
So with that one,

Lennon 1:09:31
So let me tell you how you're wrong.

Josh 1:09:33
No, you're not wrong at all. I was thinking of the church that they US Army or Navy sorry, supposedly found in the tunnels leading away from it. If you're going to hide something like that, especially in the day and age where you don't have all the stuff in a brick over the fucking opening. It could all just look like one room. Like we're gonna knock down all the walls underneath because it's in the ground.

Lennon 1:09:56

Josh 1:09:56
So why would you knock down a wall? So I think there are Many churches... errr, my nose itched. I think there are many churches that they had that they probably did something similar to that. And there's tunnels leading to secret caches of gold or treasure that you'll never find because it's a historical site, therefore, you can't fucking wreck it.

Lennon 1:10:18
And it's all over all over Europe or otherwise.

Josh 1:10:22
That's what Im saying, many And sure, maybe that's at Oak Island, and they had some great booby traps that nobody can get into and blah, blah, blah. I don't think it is. I think that's just a fan fantasized location of treasure. Have they ever found any shred of anything

Lennon 1:10:38
One time they found a size 10 and a half men's boot. Just kidding. No, they found um I think they found Viking symbols on a rock there, which was kind of cool. But, we've known that the Vikings came over before that guy.

Josh 1:10:56
Columbus who discovered the New World.

Lennon 1:10:59
Yes. So they did find Viking symbols. Dad would be a good one to ask. Because he continued watching it well, after I stopped.

Josh 1:11:06
Yeah. I think their treasure. I think they're great warriors, blah, blah, blah. They got too greedy. They got too prideful and then they led to their demise. They did have some wrongdoings. We didn't really talk about but that's okay. That's okay. They're great people.

Lennon 1:11:22
Yeah, most of the time. Most of them.

Josh 1:11:25
They were out for a long time. 200 years. Pretty impressive.

Lennon 1:11:29
Yeah 11 0. Yeah, yeah. about then yeah, I don't need to do the exact numbers.

Josh 1:11:34
Yeah. 1307 to 11 something. So around 200 years, they amass a lot of treasure and they hide a lot of treasure.

Lennon 1:11:42
Right, Exactly. They that enormous banking system. After they fell, there had to be stuff with it, you know, not everything got seized by whatever local Christian monarch, you know, absolutely. What about the ones that weren't Christian monarchs, which is not many. But still.

Josh 1:11:57
While for every truth, there's an abundance of misinformation devised by these secret societies that throw you off the path to what their true intentions are. And that's our theories. And we're sticking to them.

Lennon 1:12:11
Fuck yeah.

Josh 1:12:11
Yeah, yeah,

Lennon 1:12:12
Fuck yeah,

Josh 1:12:13
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just gonna keep going with it.

Lennon 1:12:19
Well, ladies, gentlemen, squatches and holy warriors. Thank you all so much for listening to this week's episode. If you'd like to reach out to us and let us know your thoughts or opinions, you can do so by following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on our YouTube channel. Links are in the show notes. Let us know Sasquatch beard brand name. So if you enjoy what we do here at Don't touch my Sasquatch would like to support us join our Patreon to get by with the bonus shows, discounts on merch, exclusive Patreon only content and lots more to come. Hit the subscribe button for auto downloads to listen first thing every Monday morning because you need that on your daily commute we tell you every week drop us five star rating and write us a review. Tell us what you love, how you were enjoying the show, and share us on your socials to tell your friends and family who love cryptids your cryptid loving friends and family escaped. Apparently

Josh 1:13:05
And Alien

Lennon 1:13:06
And Alien All the above Everything. Oh history lovers, we're doing history now.

Josh 1:13:12
Not so much.

Lennon 1:13:14
Subscribe and hit the bell on YouTube.

Josh 1:13:17
Thank you.

Lennon 1:13:18
And like the videos do it now and on YouTube.

Josh 1:13:22
Pause. Good. Thank you.

Lennon 1:13:23
This all helps us to grow and bring you even more great content for you to enjoy. Yeah, join us next Monday for our next incredible episode. You may write us rate us review us but remember to always stay curious. Be vigilant and don't touch my sasquatch

Josh 1:13:38
Don't do it he rides for the templar, Peace

Lennon 1:13:41
Amen. See ya see ya

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